Why Kenway Exists

At my core, I want to help people. I want to help people that need it, but more importantly, I want to provide it to people who want it. In Kenway’s business, that translates to working with companies who need our help, and specifically the people at those companies who want it. Within Kenway, it’s about identifying when help is needed, and being willing to provide it and accept it without judgment. This is why we exist. This is why our employees work at Kenway. And this is why we do the work we do for our clients and for ourselves. To help and be helped. This is our Why.
– Brian King, President and CEO


Case Studies



Kenway Consulting was asked to assist a Major Financial Institution in the creation and management of their Business Program Management Office (PMO). The sponsoring business organization recognized the importance of an Enterprise view, and needed a road map to aggregate the needs and requirements of multiple stakeholders.

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Culture | October 01, 2019

Business in the Bardo

Culture | October 01, 2019

Three Years & Three Lessons on Leadership

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