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Kenway Consulting offers careers for consulting professionals across all industries. Kenway consultants provide leadership by successfully delivering our capabilities, allowing our clients to focus on their core business objectives. By working at Kenway, you will be collaborating with talented colleagues to deliver business results to top clients while developing skills that complement your interests and enhance your career.

As a growing company, we are always searching for consulting professionals.

If you are an entrepreneurial-minded, enthusiastic individual who thrives in a work environment that encourages individual freedom and mutual respect while rewarding commitment and performance, we’d like to hear from you.

What’s It Like to be a Kenway Consultant?

I joined Kenway because…

… I joined Kenway Consulting because I wanted a challenge beyond the typical management consulting career path and had entrepreneurial ambitions. Being a part of Kenway has enabled me to continue to grow my career as a management consultant at Chicago’s premier companies. Additionally, my internal roles have given me hands-on experience related to operating and growing a small business. My only reservation is that I should have joined sooner.Kevin Rischow

… I joined Kenway after growing tired of the “same old, same old” world of “Big Consulting.” When I learned about Kenway’s innovative and entrepreneurial culture and proven track record of success at some of Chicago’s best companies, I knew that helping Kenway and its clients was the right fit for me!John Hanrahan

… I joined Kenway Consulting because I wanted to better myself while also providing a benefit to my company. Too often people work somewhere with the saying, “Well, it’s a job” or “It provides a paycheck”. As I watched Kenway grow from its beginnings in 2004, I witnessed the company’s Guiding Principles put into practice and not just used as cliché. As I continued to see this, I knew it was the place I wanted to be – to challenge my entrepreneurial spirit and become part of something special.Tim Olson

I am staying at Kenway because…

… it seems everywhere I go, I run into somebody who is disgruntled and wants to leave their current job. A few months ago, there was a now famous example of an individual who took his disgruntled story all the way to the New York Times.
Whether these people are just tired of a slow economy or have valid reasons for leaving their employers is not for me to judge, but I would like to explain why I am not leaving mine – Kenway Consulting.Kevin Sechowski


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