Change Management

Organizations are willing to spend millions of dollars to develop world-class applications. Project managers, solution architects, developers, testers… all of the appropriate resources are fully engaged to ensure the project is properly designed, developed and implemented. Programmers work around the clock to get that last piece of code working and migrated to production. But then what happens when no one knows how to use the new application? What happens when the impacted teams were never notified their old system was going to be retired? Or what happens if this new technology simply isn’t embraced?

All of these scenarios can be attributed to a lack of change management or a poorly implemented change management plan. All too often, change management is an afterthought on IT initiatives. Organizations invest so much money to develop a great application and never think to invest in ensuring the application’s roll-out is a success. Change management is the “public relations” that does just that.

At Kenway Consulting, we understand the importance of change management. Change management is not something that comes at the end of the project; it should be addressed throughout the project, since key change management deliverables are pertinent at project inception, and all phases of the project life cycle. Our Change Management service offering encompasses the training, communications, and performance support that enable your organization to effectively use, support, maintain and benefit from your new technologies.

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