Enterprise Transformation

Kenway’s Enterprise Transformation Services Are:


When your company is confronted with the need for foundational change, whether it is focused on people, processes, or technology, Kenway Consulting will guide you through the transformation. With any foundational change, key areas of focus are often Business Process Redesign, IT Strategy or IT Governance.

Kenway Consulting’s methodology will guide your people, processes and technology through transformational change. We start by helping you understand if the change is necessary and what it may mean for your organization, conduct an assessment and deliver recommendations on a path forward.

The path forward often begins with Business Process Redesign coupled with an IT Strategy to define how best technology can enable the new or altered business processes. IT Governance is also often necessary to ensure the technology initiatives are prioritized, funded and excepted benefits are understood. Lastly, Change Management and Communication is critical to ensure end users will adopt the new processes and technology and that they are trained to leverage it to its fullest.


Kenway is uniquely positioned to help organizations
with the following problems:

  • Struggling to keep legacy
    systems upgraded
  • Unable to integrate and
    acquisition quickly
  • Needing to implement or re-start
    an initiative

How We Can Help

  • Legacy Systems Upgrades
  • Support for Company Acquisitions, Business Processes, Lack of Adoption, Failed Initiatives or Implementations
  • Company Reorganization

What You Can Expect

  • Process Optimization
  • Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Enabled Continuous Improvement


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