Information Insight

Kenway’s Information Insight Services Are:

Balancing these three components allows an organization to fully capitalize on its data. By investing in the development of each, you gain the ability to turn your data into information, and unleash it to make strategic, data driven decisions.

Data Governance

Data Governance is the organizing framework for establishing strategy, objectives, and policy for effectively managing corporate data. Data Governance consists of the processes, policies, and organization required to manage and ensure the availability, usability, integrity, consistency, auditability, and security of a company’s data.

A Data Governance Program enforces the integration of strategy, standards, policies and communication.


Data Management

Data Management is comprised of the processes and technology to achieve:

The ability to link data together (e.g. knowing that an “A” customer is also a “B” customer, as well as a “C” customer)
Consistent data definitions throughout the enterprise
An environment that offers controlled access to data
People, processes, and technologies centered around receiving, controlling, and provisioning data


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the architectures and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful, descriptive information used to reduce expenses, identify opportunities, and increase revenue.

Data source
Enterprise data
Business unit data
Data storage
Data delivery
End users

Components of Information
Insight Work Together


Information Insight
Delivery Methodology


Value of Iterative Development

Immediately provide value by addressing pressing business needs
Limit investment to impactful aspects of your organization
Quickly evaluate the success of your initiatives through end-user feedback, allowing better stop-start-continue decision making
Build momentum within your organization with small successes

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