Our Guiding Principles

At Kenway Consulting, we believe that the means to success is
actually more important than success itself.

Although outcomes serve as a wonderful measuring stick as to the performance of individuals and companies alike, focusing too much on outcomes may in fact incentivize less than optimal means of achieving them. Measure too much on sales revenues, perhaps leads to sales people selling something a customer doesn’t need. Focus too much on retaining business, perhaps relationship managers tell a customer what they WANT to hear as opposed to what they NEED to hear. At Kenway, we obviously believe that outcomes are extremely important. But unlike many companies, we believe outcomes are simply a byproduct of adhering to strict means. In other words, we don’t measure outcomes, we measure the means. And when we are most successful in adhering, the outcomes simply take care of themselves.

The means are Kenway’s Guiding Principles, a list of paths forward, guides for decision making in complex situations.

The means are Kenway’s Guiding Principles, a list of paths forward, guides for decision making in complex situations. Oaths, if you will, that each of us as Kenway employees promise to uphold. They focus on integrity, quality, value and respect for each of us as individuals. Without them, we would rely on our upbringings and past work experiences to govern our decisions. With them, we take the same reliance and marry it with the promise we make to our employees, clients, partners, prospects and recruits to treat them uniquely and ethically, as we would anyone else, regardless of what the outcome may bring.

Organizational Principles

  • To engage employees in internal operations
  • To risk only what is willing to be lost, and to bravely accept the more modest rewards associated with avoiding the riskiest situations
  • To never rest on our laurels, always looking to the future to identify necessary changes to maintain and improve Kenway’s strategic advantages
  • To foster and expand specific technology, methodology and implementation partnerships for the mutual benefit of Kenway, the partners and most importantly, our clients
  • To remain unencumbered by overbearing alliances with specific technologies, methodologies, and implementation partnerships
  • To maximize return on investment for our clients and for Kenway, and scrutinize decisions based therein

Employment Principles

  • To embrace the outcomes of being a merit-based organization
  • To recruit and employ an ever-present entrepreneurial spirit that permeates all we do
  • To utilize a “value minus cost” formula to assess each employee’s performance
  • To employ diligent, selective recruitment processes, accepting only those employees who embody Kenway’s values
  • To encourage professional growth through challenging work opportunities, training and mentoring, and to provide employees the freedom to maximize their own potential by enhancing the aforementioned opportunities

Delivery Principles

  • To provide premium-level, consultative services at below market pricing
  • To always, under all circumstances and under all economic conditions, do what we believe is “right” for the client, even when what is “right” may directly lead to less business and lower revenues
  • To strive to establish, foster and maintain the role of trusted advisor for our partners, prospects and clients through long-term, mutually beneficial relationships
  • To debate options prior to decisions, and implement the selected option for success
  • To include in all engagements, a plan to transition knowledge to clients through training, tools and alternative resources
  • To partner with our clients, applying best practices in concert with their culture, skills and methodologies and not force-fitting practices simply because they work elsewhere
  • To generate revenue by being good, being truthful and spreading the word

Cultural Principles

  • To operate, think, demonstrate, speak and lead with integrity and emphasize it through all mediums
  • To communicate swiftly and effectively through all channels, at all levels, internally and externally, regardless of whether the information is good or bad
  • To reward all parties with whom we come into contact based on quality, effort and integrity
  • To recognize the potential of every individual
  • To avoid collectivist thought
  • To welcome and respect the uniqueness of each individual with whom we engage


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