June 28, 2016
King's Corner

Bigfoot is Real

Parables about footprints have made their way on to inspirational placards. Television shows have drawn large audiences focusing on spotty footage and footprints of the so called creature, “Bigfoot.”  And somewhere near Loch Ness, Scotland, a sea monster is craving more attention since “Sasquatch” has taken over as the most popular legend of the time.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that metaphorically speaking, Bigfoot is quite real. But unfortunately for the Sasquatch fans out there, there is no scientific study or crisp YouTube footage to prove it. Instead, Bigfoot’s existence is just a metaphor. We are all Bigfoot, and our goal should be to produce as large a footprint as we possibly can.

At Kenway, we talk openly about each employee’s career progression–how to increase their value and how to expand their impact. The metaphor we like to use is that each employee should strive to produce footprints that are far larger than “their size nines,” that is, they should try to provide more value than the individual tasks they can perform in a typical week. We talk regularly about finding ways to teach and impact more work than just your own. We describe ways to satisfy objectives rather than completing tasks, to define strategies rather than simply adhering to them. There is most definitely a time and a place when we must perform tasks and adhere to plans. However, to truly increase your footprint, one must move beyond the role of doing and embrace the role of leading.

One of my favorite quotes is “a great employee who can teach five co-workers what makes them great is five times greater than an employee who is simply great.” I interpret it this way: to truly make an impact greater than the weight of your own self, you must aspire to inspire, allowing your value to multiply far beyond your distinct actions.

I’m proud to say that at Kenway, Bigfoot is real. Because the footprints I see are far larger than the people who are making them.

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