December 17, 2015

Blogs, Clicks, and Likes—Kenway’s Digital Journey to 2016 and Beyond

The end of 2015 completes my third year of working behind the scenes on Kenway’s marketing content. With this in mind, I have decided to hijack our final publication of the year in order to celebrate the recent successes we have had in this area, and to preview what’s next for Kenway’s digital brand.

Prior to 2012, Kenway’s digital presence was limited to our original website and a blog with an inconsistent distribution schedule and articles written mostly by our CEO, Brian King. Eventually, the blog was officially branded as the Kenway Connection and we soon introduced a branded newsletter, the Kenway Compass. Currently, the Kenway Connection and the Kenway Compass feature articles from a mix of Kenway experts providing their thoughts on new industry trends, delivery methodologies, and some insight into our culture, with distributions being released monthly.

Since building momentum through our early successes with the blog and newsletter, Kenway has expanded our digital footprint significantly. Today, Kenway is represented on four different social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Kenway joined Twitter and LinkedIn in 2011. We successfully utilized LinkedIn for recruiting, and posted our blogs and information about our golf event on Twitter. In keeping with our guiding principle to generate revenue by being good, being truthful and spreading the word, Kenway added Facebook and Google+ in February of 2015 to help spread the word to a wider audience, delivering our content via the preferred channel of each recipient. The goal for 2016 is to further bolster our social media presence, increasing the number of posts on all channels by our service leads to not only share more information, but also to provide interested readers with deeper insights around topics like: Application Development, Business Intelligence, and Data Management.

Along with further adding to our social media presence, one of Kenway’s biggest accomplishments of 2015 was launching the new We partnered with Comrade Web Agency, a web development company based in Chicago, to refresh our website by incorporating a modern look and feel with a responsive design. Thanks to the help of a great team of Kenway employees, we were also able to refresh the content, identify a new way to present Kenway’s services, and create a new place for potential recruits to learn about Kenway. Also in 2015, Kenway bundled our services into three go to market capabilities—Project Lifecycle, Enterprise Transformation, and Information Insight. In 2016, you’ll get more insight into these capabilities through themed newsletters. In Q1 2016, Kenway Compass Volume 5, Issue 1, will focus on Enterprise Transformation. Q2 will feature our Project Lifecycle capability. We will finish the year with an issue on Information Insight.

It’s a new age for Kenway’s digital content. 2016 looks to be an exciting year and we hope you follow along. If you would like to learn more about a particular topic within our capabilities, please let us know. You can tweet us @KenwayConsults, Facebook us, message us, or +1 us. Oh, and you could also send us an “old-fashioned” email at

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