February 26, 2020
Enterprise Program Leadership

Business Analysis the Kenway Way

It’s a common client problem.

Overloaded by the latest fire drills and issues with current releases, your product team can’t devote time to longer-term planning for future features or coordination with other business teams.

Your product manager is swamped, juggling day-to-day responsibilities in addition to functioning as the single contact responsible for responding to questions and follow-ups from other teams.

Your tech team is spending too much time aligning on what they need to deliver and having to do rework, while simultaneously complaining of low visibility into upcoming features in the Product roadmap.

And on top of it all, your QA team is brought into the process late, having to quickly ramp up and understand what was in development without any documentation they can refer to or a defined owner they can go to with questions.

An existing Kenway client recently came to us with a similar scenario, asking for our help. After interviewing key stakeholders and analyzing their current state business processes, we provided a timely analysis of the issues and a plan to remedy this all-too-familiar situation.

The Kenway Diagnosis

Based on our assessment, the problem this client was facing was due to two gaps.

  1. During solution definition, they were not creating enough documentation to enable the involved functions to perform their jobs. Documentation was the partial job of many different roles versus a primary function of any one role, with no clear ownership.
  2. There wasn’t enough communication between the groups to enable work to be executed efficiently. They needed a role embedded in their Agile Scrum model that could work directly with the technology and QA teams, while championing the direction set by the Product team.

    Our proposal was to add a business analyst (BA) role that fit in the middle of these groups and could focus on addressing these two gaps.

    How did Kenway help?

    As a short-term fix, we provided business analysis services for their top priority projects to right the ship and deliver immediate support, while proving out how our proposed model could work. For the longer-term remedy, we executed on the following plan:

    1. Defined the BA role
      • We codified the roles and responsibilities of the new BA function and educated the organization on the vital role it fulfills and how it fits into the operating model.
    2. Created a standard BA Playbook
      • We built a BA repository of tools, processes and deliverables to increase competency in the function and allow for scaling capacity to deliver throughout the organization.
    3. Scaled the BA function
      • We introduced materials to first meet the client’s needs in hiring into the new role and then tools to manage the new function as it grew and scaled.

          How can Kenway help you?

          While the above solution won’t work for every company, what will work is Kenway’s approach of listening to clients’ problems, diagnosing a way we can help, and executing based on our experience.

          If you’re trying to get more out of your Agile team, think there’s a divide between your business or product group and tech, or are looking for someone to help diagnose your technology delivery issues, reach out to us at We would love to extend a helping hand!

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