June 04, 2010
King's Corner

Discrimination is Good Business

Many companies have Directors of Diversity, programs created to celebrate diversity, and self-imposed watch dog groups empowered to monitor the current state of diversity.  I applaud the spirit of these positions and organizations and their results.  However, I believe the art of discrimination has gotten lost, to the point that I believe people are afraid of the word itself.  I however, embrace discrimination and applaud its applied use in business.

As mentioned above, there is a trend in business to celebrate our differences.  And it is a good trend.  Similarly, however, I think companies need to celebrate what makes their individuals similar, and the commonalities they share.  Somewhere along the line, we’ve been so busy celebrating what makes us different that we’ve lost sight of the very spirit that makes a company’s culture unique.

So I move to bring back discrimination, and in full force.  For Kenway Consulting, most of our guiding principles involve the core values of Integrity, Quality and Value.  And we intend to applaud our employees and our client personnel who embody them.  And to take it a step further, we intend to discriminate against those who don’t.  With that in mind, I am creating the following list of 8 Vows of Discrimination.

  1. We vow to discriminate against the lazy, people who I like to refer to as “thieves”, people are stealing from their employers by contributing less than what they receive.
  2. We vow to discriminate against the “all-talkers”, people who love to listen to themselves speak and yet have no track record for actually delivering.
  3. We vow to discriminate against those who carry a sense of entitlement.
  4. We vow to discriminate against protectionists, people who horde knowledge and prevent change under the guise of creating their own job security.
  5. We vow to discriminate against those who insist they know best, who in actuality would benefit from leveraging expertise around them.
  6. We vow to discriminate against those who silently adhere to rules and policies that operate against the principles of Integrity, Quality and Value because “those are the rules”.
  7. We vow to discriminate against those who choose NOT to do business with others solely based on their color, gender or creed.
  8. We vow to discriminate against those who promote a culture of enablement, allowing any of the above to be tolerated and/or accepted.

We at Kenway Consulting offer a diversity of backgrounds, a diversity of skills, a diversity of experiences.  But we will not employ anyone, regardless of race, religion or gender, who chooses not to embody our core values of Integrity, Quality and Value.  We vow to extend these principles in our working relationships in hopes of influencing a greater focus on the things we hope all of us hold dear, and less on the diversity.  In other words, no race, no religion and no gender has cornered the market on those core values.  To say it more simply, diversity is an outcome of adhering to principles, not a goal in and of itself.

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