September 11, 2018

Golf Outing Proceeds Already in Action

This past Saturday, 112 golfers teed off in the 9th Annual Kenway Consulting Charity Golf Outing Benefitting Alive Rescue.  Through lots of laughs, whiffs, slices and hooks, the outing concluded with a buffet luncheon, awards to the winners, and our signature General and $12,500 Cash Raffle drawings.

Alive Rescue volunteers brought back the Puppy Kissing Booth by popular demand, with five puppies/dogs available for adoption giving kisses (many unsolicited) and love.  They loved the attention from the golfers, and the golfers loved the attention from the dogs.

Congratulations to our Cash Raffle Winners, Bob Kueker, Geoff Cella and Theresa Barcy.  Although their winnings totaled $12,500, they collectively donated $4,500 back to Alive Rescue, significantly impacting the total raised.

On behalf of everyone at Kenway, I want to extend a sincere thank you to our sponsors, golfers, donors, raffle purchasers and all who supported this event.  Taking into account all channels of fundraising for the outing, you helped us net $36,000 for this extraordinary charity, our largest total to date.

Post Script: On Sunday night, one day after the outing, I heard some distressed crying coming from my neighbor’s back yard. After some detective work and the involvement of a flashlight, I found a tiny, approximately 2-week-old kitten who had been abandoned by his mama/litter. Scared and hungry, he allowed me to pick him up. Through my Alive Rescue connections, I was able to get him to emergency care, at which he was bottle fed, and was cleared as healthy.
Alive Rescue has already found this kitten an amazing foster home (willing to perform feedings every three hours). They asked me to name him. I named him Charcoal, but he will answer to Charlie. If you are interested in Charcoal, another cat, a dog, a rabbit, please consider fostering/adopting through Alive Rescue.


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