September 29, 2015

Good For Goodness’ Sake

Inspiration Corporation (IC) is a Chicago-based charity that provides job training, job placement, housing and meals to Chicagoans impacted by homelessness and poverty. IC acts as a catalyst for self-reliance for individuals who recognize that they need to make a change, providing a gentle boost to those who are already working their way back to self-sufficiency.

Kenway Consulting is a Chicago-based company that provides consulting services to companies as they seek insight from their information, desire predictability and efficiency regarding their project lifecycles, and initiate and execute transformation for their enterprise. Kenway views itself as a catalyst for change for companies who recognize the need for change, and have a desire to expedite it.

Catalyst is defined as a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. In this sense, IC and Kenway have a lot in common. IC catalyzes changes in people. And Kenway catalyzes changes in companies. IC does it because of its desire to help people. Kenway does it because of its desire to help companies. And we both (at least to date) focus on our backyard of Chicago as the area in which we seek to catalyze this change.

Back in early 2010, when the country was still in what felt like an eternal recession and many were focusing inward on their own wants and needs, the folks at Kenway Consulting wanted to act outwardly and bring greater formalization to our philanthropic efforts. Up to that point, we had been making small splashes in many ponds by being involved in events like Chicago Cares, the Chase Corporate Challenge and the Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon, to name a few. These were (and are) great events for great causes, but we wanted to put our own brand, our own stamp, on an event and on a charity, and to make a big splash in a small pond. In September of 2010, Kenway hosted the 1st Annual Kenway Consulting Charity Golf Outing, and named Inspiration Corporation as its beneficiary. We raised a modest net proceed of $10,500.

On Saturday, September 12th, 2015, we hosted the golf outing for the 6th time. And for the 6th straight year, named Inspiration Corporation as our beneficiary. At this year’s event, with the help of hundreds of contributors, sponsors and golfers, we raised net proceeds of $22,000. And with that amount, we brought our 6-year total to $100,000 net proceeds to Inspiration Corporation. We have made the big splash in our backyard pond, and it feels good for goodness’ sake.

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