December 15, 2016
King's Corner

Improvisational Consulting

I heard a speaker the other day talking about improvisational jazz music.  When a more famous improvisational jazz musician was asked how they decide what to play when joining a jam session, his answer was quite simple: “I listen to what is being played, and I play what is missing”.

I loved the quote, and the concept.  It resonated with me that consulting ought to be like improvisational jazz at our client’s office.  We shouldn’t play what we want to play.  We should hear what the client has in place and implement what is missing, with the appropriate volume, pace and change to allow the other musicians to adapt appropriately.

Some companies only play one instrument, the classic “I have a hammer and everything looks like a nail”.  Some companies can only play a small subset of instruments, but purport to play them all.  I must say that I am proud of Kenway, in that we know what we play, we only play what is missing, and only if it is an instrument we know.

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