October 07, 2014
King's Corner

Inspirational Generosity

To all our readers and supporters of the 5th Annual Kenway Consulting Charity Golf Outing Benefitting Inspiration Corporation,

As you read in the weeks leading up to our golf outing, and most recently in our newsletter article recapping the outing, Inspiration Corporation benefits greatly from the outpouring of support that is generated from all of you.  Whether you sponsored a hole, golfed in the outing, bought raffle tickets, donated raffle items, volunteered your time or any combination thereof, your efforts and your donations made a huge difference.  As a result, Kenway Consulting received a heartfelt thank you from the Board President of Inspiration Corporation, Neal Kulick, thanking us for our contributions and our efforts.  Because there is no outing and no donation without all of you, we thought we would be remiss if we did not pass on Neal’s gratitude (along with our own) to all of you.

A sincere thank you from Neal (below), myself and from all of us at Kenway Consulting.  We are obviously extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish this year, raising $21,500 for Inspiration Corporation.  But we also know that we could not do it without your help.

Brian King

Hi Brian and the Kenway Team 

As the Board President of Inspiration Corporation, and on behalf of our participants, staff and Board of Directors, I wanted to express our deep appreciation to the entire Kenway team for all you have done for the benefit of our organization and, specifically, for the people we assist.

As the newsletter article makes very clear, you have invested a tremendous amount of time and resources to plan and execute five charity golf outings that have raised $78,000. Most businesses, especially those of the size of Kenway, do not devote their time and resources for the benefit of a non-profit such as Inspiration Corporation.  Rather, they spend their time generating more business/profit. We at Inspiration are very fortunate that the Kenway culture is clearly more than just about making money, it’s also about giving back to the community.

We greatly appreciate the money you have raised.  We spend it wisely. It is used to help our motivated participants, like Caesarei, reach their goals of moving out of poverty, homelessness and/or addiction to achieve their independence and improve their lives (and the lives of their family).

I want to also add that I’ve been to all 5 of the events and I couldn’t be more impressed with how everyone works together to make the event go so smoothly with so much fun for the golfers, even when the weather doesn’t completely cooperate!!

Again, on behalf of the entire Inspiration Corporation team, THANK YOU Kenway Team.


Neal Kulick
Inspiration Corporation
Board President

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