September 29, 2010

Inspired by Charity

On Friday, September 17th, Kenway Consulting hosted what we hoped would be our 1st Annual Charity Golf Outing. When the planning started, we had to determine a charity we hoped to sponsor. After taking a long look at our own Guiding Principles, particularly our modus operandi to recognize and reward the individual, we selected Inspiration Corporation. Inspiration Corporation “believes every person is worthy of acceptance and support and has the right to make his or her own choices.” Their mission and principles resonated with us, and the partnership was formed.

Next came the execution of the event, which was no small feat. Choosing a course, recruiting the golfers, soliciting raffle prizes and selling sponsorship was a time-consuming and at times, a challenging undertaking. But the never failing attributes about hard work, perseverence, dedication and the intangible of “stick-to-it-iveness” paid off. Thanks also to Mother Nature’s gift of mid-70s sunshine, and the event was set up to be a huge success.

Almost 100 golfers, several platinum, gold and silver sponsors, dozens of monetary donations and raffle donations (including a week-vacation package, flat screen hd tv, blu-ray dvd player, gift certificates, tools, foursomes, twosomes and a whole lot more) and the hard work of several volunteers resulted in a charity event which had all the makings of an annual success. Combining what we raised with Kenway’s own contribution, we will be presenting a check to Inspiration Corporation for $10,500. To be completely honest, I had no idea what my expectations were with regards to what we’d be able to present. But I do know this, this blew my expectations away.

Raising money for Inspiration Corporation is why we did this. But I’ll tell you, the side benefits drew some serious inspiration. Seeing so many people step forward and take vacation time to participate was inspirational. There were so many who couldn’t play but managed to make a monetary contribution, including our hole sponsors. Others spent numerous evenings and weekends pounding pavement seeking raffle contributions so our golfers would spread the word about the great prizes at the event for next year. These donations, and these volunteers and these contributors were inspirational. I want to personally thank everyone who contributed in all of these capacities and others. You showed that we don’t need to be told we have to do good will for our local community members who need our help. We do it on our own.
Top score went to the foursome, pictured above, of Marc McDonald,
Matt Rafferty, Tom Crowe, and Luke Cosme with a 7 under par.

Additional pictures from the event have been posted to Google Picasa and may be accessed by clicking here.

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