June 18, 2018
Technology Solution Delivery

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A colleague of mine described the art of successful Project Management very well. He said, “A successful project is like an electric company project.”  Meaning, when you pay your electric bill, you come home and flip the switch and you just expect your lights to turn on.  You’re not expecting anything new or flashy, you just expect it to work.

“You’re not calling the electric company to congratulate them on the fact your lights are working; but if your lights don’t turn on, if your electricity is out, there’s a pretty good chance you’re outraged and you will be leaving a nasty message on the electric company’s 800 number, demanding that they fix it right away.  The point is, without sound and proven Project Management practices, Kenway would be the recipient of that kind of outrage from our clients.”

At Kenway, our Project Lifecycle services focus on sticking with the basics and doing things right the first time. Our standards and rigor around execution ensure that our clients never get the “things are blowing up” call, and neither do we.

Here are some of the ways we “prevent outages” at Kenway:

  • Planning: Planning is so underrated these days and isn’t specific to Agile or Waterfall or any other methodology. It really is just the coordinated management of resources and objectives, illustrating how a project should proceed from point A to point B. Electric companies cannot maintain uninterrupted service without planning. They think through contingencies and options. They must understand the electric grid holistically, including which components are dependent on other parts of the system. They have a blueprint for delivery and, if things start to break, they need to have a plan in place for that too. Similarly, Kenway’s plans are thorough, well thought out, and serve as the guide to timely and effective execution for the projects we help complete.
  • Requirements Definition: Kenway’s consultants have a wide breadth and depth of industry knowledge and experience. This allows us to quickly and effectively document business requirements related to our client’s program or project. Effective definition of requirements is key to successfully ensuring the lights stay on.   Without well-written requirements, there is high probability that your light switch will end up in the wrong place.
  • Risk and Issue Identification and Mitigation: Electric companies can’t wait for customers to report outages to address problems. Instead, they need to predict where and when those outages are likely to occur, what the worst case scenario might look like, and what resources they have available at any given time to help remediate problems. They constantly need to be looking down the road to make sure obstacles are dealt with in a timely manner. Similar to an electric company, Kenway ensures all risks and issues are documented, managed and worked to mitigation. We are diligent about communicating this information to ensure our stakeholders are aware of and always presented with the facts.  This helps preempt most “fires” and ensures everyone has visibility into what is happening on the project.

Kenway can help.  Kenway has helped. Let us provide the plan, the blueprints, and the execution so all you have to do is flip the switch.

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