February 23, 2015
Technology Solution Delivery

Looking Before Leaping

One of Kenway’s clients was burdened with a new but ineffective status reporting process. The global status reporting process that the company used had become a consistent pain point across all of its business units. While the client was receiving automated status reports, challenges related to communication, training and process inefficiencies resulted in the need for additional modifications. Portfolio owners and managers were forced to spend a significant amount of time each month modifying the status reports to accurately reflect the true status of their projects.  For example, the automatic calculation of red, yellow or green for the project milestones was not clearly understood and needed to be modified each month.

While Kenway was not directly involved in the status reporting process, the issue came to Kenway’s attention as it was a consistent topic of discussion during client meetings around other related topics. Knowing that the client needed help, the Kenway team prepared to escalate the issue along with ideas and an approach for how to improve the client’s status reporting processing and tools.

Before proceeding, Kenway decided to first take a step back and discovered that a roadmap for the client’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Capability did not exist.  Rather than treat the symptom, Kenway strove to address the root cause, and after several discussions with the client, it was decided that a two to three year roadmap was needed before any more large investments were made in the PPM capability. Having expertise in both IT Governance as well as PPM, this strategic planning workstream was added to Kenway’s scope of work and will be included in the services provided to the client. The goal of the effort is to identify the desired future state and gaps to create a roadmap that can be used to gain buy-in from corporate leadership, ultimately improving the enterprise PPM capability.  In doing so, the client will also benefit from an improved status reporting process, which was merely a symptom of the larger business problem.

Throughout their discussions, Kenway and the client were both able to articulate a wide range of viewpoints on whether to pursue a tactical solution for status reporting prior to completing a strategic roadmap.  Through Kenway’s relationship with the client and their past performance, Kenway was able to maintain and foster its role as a trusted advisor, demonstrating the ability to think both short and long term about the client’s needs with this particular business challenge, and address current problems while preventing future ones.

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