June 23, 2015
Technology Solution Delivery

Project Lifecycle: Plan Early to Succeed Later

A resale services client was looking to increase operational efficiency by enhancing its sales support system. Kenway recognized the need to implement core enhancements and assisted the implementation process by writing clear business requirements and helping the company manage the development lifecycle.

At the outset of the implementation, there were two main risks considered:

  1. The ability to set expectations clearly to allow the business and IT teams to align their timing and priorities
  2. The ability to service the core business if the enhancements were not managed effectively

To mitigate the first risk, Kenway created a project roadmap, timeline, and project plan to align the goals of the business team with those of the IT organization. In addition, Kenway wrote clear and concise business requirements and worked with IT resources to translate them into functional requirements that could be used to create the technical design. This ensured that both groups were on the same page and working towards a common end goal. Finally, to maintain the alignment of both groups that was established at the start of the project, Kenway facilitated weekly cross functional meetings to foster open and timely communication.

With the business and IT teams in alignment, Kenway actively implemented procedures to ensure the core business users received the product changes they expected. Kenway guided the business team through a successful user acceptance testing (UAT) period to confirm that requirements were built to specification and that core business processes could be executed in the improved system. Once the testing was finished successfully, Kenway also worked with the business to verify results in the production environment and tracked them against the predefined success criteria.

The enhancements that Kenway helped to implement brought about the following improvements to the client:

  1. Savings of over 130 hours of employee time per month
  2. Elimination of over 9,000 manual transactions associated with the pricing process over 4 months
  3. Strengthening of relationships within business units due to increased accuracy in transactions processed
  4. Increasing of the speed of providing bid prices for the seller by 1.2 hours

Thanks to Kenway’s effort at the start of the project to envision a clear project plan and work to keep all stakeholders aligned throughout the duration of the project, system enhancements were implemented smoothly and brought about significant benefits for the client. Many project leaders are rewarded for their heroics and fire-fighting. This was a case of smooth execution thanks to fire prevention, and heroic planning.

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