January 16, 2020
Technology Solution Delivery

The Technology Times Are A-Changin’

Are you ready for a college throwback story?

In 2000, I was a junior at Western Illinois University, and I finally moved out of the dorms and into off-campus housing with friends. It was a big life achievement (WIU mandated a two-year stay in dorms). Given my low-end, college student budget, I had to be creative with the décor for my first real bedroom.

First, on a soccer team trip to play Missouri State University, I was able to grab a handful of brochures for the various country music and entertainment theatre shows in nearby Branson, MO to hang in my room and on my door. My personal favorite was for “Mike Radford’s Remember When Show,” and I was sure to grab multiples of that one (check out the show’s promo video).

Second, with a lot of white space left to fill, I decided to plaster my wall with computer code printouts from various Java, C++, Unix, Visual Basic 6.0, and JavaScript assignments.  Yes, printing was still the preferred way to collect computer coding assignments in 2000.

True story.

My bedroom was directly off the family room in our main gathering area for social events. Can you imagine the various conversations this combo of Branson, MO brochures and computer code ignited when hosting friends or social events?

Well, all things must change. People. Tacky décor. Capabilities and services.

Today, my wife can assure you that my bedroom décor from 2000 did not travel with me. My bedroom is now decorated to reflect who I am today, 19 years later.

The same can be said for Kenway Consulting and the Capabilities and Services we offer. They continually change and evolve to reflect who we are and how we can best articulate What we do to help our clients.

With that being said, I’m pleased to introduce our updated Technology Solution Delivery Capability. At its core, Technology Solution Delivery focuses on enabling people and process through technology to make strategic impacts on how clients run their business.

We approach this by considering our client’s technology and transformation needs, and providing a customized approach across our four Services:

  • IT Strategy: Align IT with business objectives to fundamentally help run the business and maximize the value of IT.
  • Architecture & Design: Inform the solution architecture to create scalable and extensible designs to allow for the ease of future enhancements and growth of the solution.
  • Custom Development: Application development for custom built solutions to meet our client’s unique objectives.
  • Enterprise Applications & Solutions: Successful implementation of enterprise package solutions, including upstream and downstream integrations.

Underpinning these four Services is Delivery Excellence. Kenway tailors the delivery to offer the right amount of Project Management, Business & Technical Analysis, and Quality Assurance for successful implementation. Finally, we ensure our clients are well positioned to learn and support these new technology solutions by completing a full handoff through Transition Planning.

While I’m happy to share this updated Capability, I also couldn’t be prouder of how we go about delivery: To always, under all circumstances and under all economic conditions, do what we believe is right, even when what is right may directly lead to less business and lower revenues.

Doing what is right truly differentiates Kenway Consulting for how we deliver technology solutions. We don’t implement solutions for the sake of working with a cool technology but, rather, because it enables business value.

Change is good, and I hope you’ve embraced it in your life – just like the 2000 me did, and just like we did at Kenway Consulting with our updated Capabilities and Services.

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