October 06, 2015
Technology Solution Delivery

To The Meat of the Matter

Meat. Who doesn’t love it (other than vegetarians)? I’m a pretty big fan of meat, so I was unreasonably excited to be involved with Kenway’s project to revamp Paulina Market’s website and e-commerce platform. The consulting job can introduce you to a lot of industries: telecommunications, financial services, advertising… but a meat market never crossed my mind.

You’re probably wondering, “Why is Kenway Consulting working with a small meat market?” It goes back to the Kenway Why: to help and to be helped. You’ve probably heard Kenway employees mention it in conversation or in other blogs. Our CEO, Brian King, is a frequent customer at Paulina Market, and over the years has built a relationship with the owners. Between ordering tomahawk steaks and standing rib roasts, Brian learned that Paulina Market was facing challenges with their website. He felt that Kenway’s new pricing model and Application Development service were a good fit to help Paulina Market. Brian does a great job of describing the pricing model in his King’s Corner article, A Cure for the Common Consulting Engagement. To summarize, Kenway reduced our hourly rate to Paulina Market in exchange for them agreeing to share a percentage of the ROI for online sales. This structure allowed Kenway and Paulina Market to share in the risk and the reward of the project.

How did Kenway deliver a revamped e-commerce platform to Paulina Market? We leveraged amassed knowledge from building our own website and our business analysis and process skills to assess e-commerce platforms. To meet Paulina Market’s needs, Kenway landed on using Shopify for Paulina Market’s e-commerce platform. Shopify is a cloud based platform with integrated shipping and payment controls, and it also provides in-store point of sale functionality. The platform integrates FedEx, UPS, and USPS to ship flash frozen meat across the United States with little manual intervention from Paulina Market employees. It also allows Paulina Market to accept payments from PayPal and Google Wallet, along with traditional credit and debit cards at a credit card processing rate better than they were able to negotiate with their previous credit card merchant.

Now that is up and running, we are using Shopify’s analytics platform to assess the actual ROI of the project. The first realized gain for the new platform is the reduction in time to process an online order. Prior to using Shopify, it took a Paulina Market employee roughly ten minutes to process an order after they first saw it. Now an order’s shipping label is ready in under 30 seconds. This 9.5 minute savings is crucial for a small business that also has a busy brick-and-mortar store front.

The Shopify platform has not only helped the order processing timeline, but also gives Paulina Market an easy way to update product catalogs and maintain a website without the help of an IT department. They are able to login to user interfaces to change product descriptions, pictures, prices, and weights offered. This allows Paulina Market to concentrate on updating the content, as opposed to coding new functionality and maintaining the physical infrastructure.

Early signs point to Paulina Market realizing a multitude of gains from this effort, and the opportunity was made possible by Kenway’s Why. Typically, a company like Paulina Market would have two options. They could hire a single contractor who may be exceptionally skilled in a single domain (i.e. website development), or they may hire a consulting firm with many skilled resources, but at a higher cost. The initial investment of revamping Paulina Market’s e-commerce platform within a typical consulting pricing model would keep it, and the value it could bring, out of reach for many small companies. Further, Paulina Market would bear the full risk if the anticipated value was never realized. By shifting Kenway’s pricing model and giving Paulina Market access to our consulting services, we decreased the upfront financial burden and risk for Paulina Market, while also providing an opportunity for a great business enhancement!

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