Kenway Consulting

Program Management & Delivery

Orchestrating large, multi-project initiatives through integrated tools and methodology by aligning delivery approach across projects and workstreams.

Why Kenway

As organizations engage in complex transformational undertakings, best-in-class Program Management and Delivery methodologies are needed to execute them effectively and realize their benefits by turning strategy into a sustainable “value-add” proposition. The integration of fundamental program management principles of effective communication and transparency with the organization’s business transformation initiatives should be a “must-have” in today’s large-scale program implementations to drive delivery excellence.

At Kenway, our Program Management and Delivery service offering focuses on providing synergy and transparency across programs, and promoting early issue identification and mitigation through swift and effective communication. This ultimately reduces implementation and investment risk while increasing transparency and promoting early engagement.

How We Deliver

To ensure large, multi-project organizational initiatives are successfully delivered, a rigorous and disciplined program management and delivery approach needs to be adopted that leverages best-in-class planning and management skillsets in concert with proactive risk management and transformation management.

At Kenway, we understand how the right approach to program management and delivery can drive organizational transformation success. We mobilize programs from inception and strengthen in-flight programs by designing an integrated and effective program management and delivery framework aimed at leading, supporting and delivering sustainable and lasting value to the entire enterprise.

Our Expertise

Our proven integrated Program Management and Delivery methodology has increased the probability of delivery success of these programs and projects in a qualitative, effective and time bound manner at a reduced cost across industries.

Kenway’s Approach:

  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting
    • Define portfolio strategies with fiscal accountability by enabling information sharing across project teams, predicting resource requirements, forecasting budgets and tracking, project monitoring and progress reporting, and making informed decisions.
  • Business & Technical Acumen
    • Leverage the right blend of technology know-how and practical business experience to provide strategic thinking, enable data-driven decisions, and drive a consistent and standardized program management capability.
  • Process Controls & Reporting
    • Manage projects and programs with the right level of structure and core delivery performance, and manage scope while tracking alignment to program objectives and maintaining a relevant business case.

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