Data Governance

Building the framework to govern the creation, ingestion, maintenance, and consumption of data across your organization.

Why Kenway

Evolving business needs, diverse data sources, and evolving data capabilities can make today’s corporate data ecosystem increasingly complex and disparate. As a result, organizations must take a holistic approach to governing their data in order to ensure timely access to reliable and accurate data across the organization. At Kenway, we focus on building the processes and procedures to govern your data from the point of origin to the point of consumption. By taking this approach, we believe that data can be managed in a way that minimizes cost while maximizing the organization’s ability to ensure data quality.

Kenway’s Data Governance framework will enable you to pinpoint key problem areas across your business processes and create a tactical approach for establishing a Data Governance organization. Kenway focuses on the people, process and technology surrounding your data ecosystem to create the best solution for your organization. Through the creation of Data Governance policies and standards, Kenway will empower your organization to remediate existing data problems and proactively address future data needs.

How We Deliver

A data governance program enforces the integration of strategy, standards, policies, and communication to ensure data consistency and quality.

Kenway starts by assessing the current state of an organization’s Data Governance functions to determine their level of maturity. From there, we interface with subject matter experts and stakeholders across the organization to understand their goals and project roadmaps. Kenway then aligns planned initiatives with projects aimed to build Data Governance capabilities to both augment project teams and improve Data Governance maturity. Kenway takes advantage of our well-established Data Governance process to help you to create, define and implement the vision, mission and guiding principles on your data domains.

Our Expertise

Kenway has helped companies develop Data Governance programs and has given strategic direction by effectively partnering with business and technology resources to build robust solutions.

How Can We Help?