Data Management

Our approach to Data Management is grounded on three pillars: people, process, and technology. Each of these is critical to providing timely and accurate data.

Why Kenway

Is your company creating and maintaining data regarding the same entity in multiple systems? Does your company have disparate, manual data consolidation processes that lead to time-consuming and inaccurate reporting? Do you need to quickly and accurately respond to regulatory requirements? Kenway’s Data Management service seeks to address these issues to help organizations optimize their data processing environment.

One of the most valuable assets a company has is its data. It not only enables it to better understand its business, it also highlights additional opportunities. Kenway Consulting will work with your company to tailor our Data Management service to provide the processes and procedures to master enterprise data. Our ability to partner with both business and technology teams, bridging the gap between business needs and technical capabilities, coupled with our expertise in Data Management allows us to create the right solution for your organization.

How We Deliver

Kenway will work with your business and technology experts to gather an inventory of source systems to understand commonly used data, establish enterprise definitions of those attributes, and gauge the downstream consumption of that data (i.e. target systems and consumers).

Kenway will then perform detailed requirements prioritization sessions with the appropriate business sponsors to achieve a more complete view of your company’s data quality and data usage needs.

The output of these exercises will be a strategic roadmap of Data Management initiatives that will highlight the technical and operational changes needed to improve the flow of data across the organization. This holistic approach ensures that data entry and modification points help enhance the capabilities of your data pipeline, not diminish them. This will help ensure that your Data Management initiatives will increase employee productivity, enable business scalability, and ultimately improve your customers’ experience.

Kenway’s approach to Data Management focuses on aligning people, processes and technologies to achieve:

  • Integrated data across disparate sources
  • Consistent data definitions throughout the enterprise
  • Controlled access to data to minimize risk while providing timely access
  • Optimized roles & responsibilities, operational processes, and technical solutions centered around receiving, controlling and provisioning data

Our Expertise

Kenway has deployed its Data Management expertise across multiple industries during the different stages of Data Management initiatives. Kenway has helped companies through their Data Management journeys from building strategic roadmaps to delivering tactical initiatives that impact productivity and business scalability.

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