Moving to a modern, flexible, and scalable storage solution

Companies are collecting, storing, and analyzing more data than ever before. Legacy data storage technology does not offer the flexibility, scalability, or compute power that a modern data-focused organization needs. Many old technologies are being phased out, are already no longer supported, or don’t fulfill the requirements of a growing data landscape.  Migrating data to a modern storage infrastructure is more accessible than ever, yet many companies experience significant issues due to common pitfalls in the migration process.

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Our Insights

Kenway has significant experience with data migration across multiple industries. Through our engagements with many different clients, we have gathered crucial insights into the data migration process:

Technology alone doesn’t solve problems.

Many companies will assume that a huge investment into new infrastructure will provide immediate ROI. The true key to unlocking ROI with a data migration is instantiating an effective operating model that is tailored to the organization. One size does not fit all.

Understand the legacy data.

A system is only as good as its integrations and moving from an old system to a new system is no different. Legacy data might be poor quality or incomplete, which can cause massive migration issues. A data migration is the ideal opportunity to implement data governance.

Reduce shadow IT for a cleaner implementation.

Most companies have years or decades of shadow IT built upon its legacy systems. Reducing shadow IT before an implementation begins is critical to minimizing the number of issues that appear post-implementation.


Moving from a legacy data storage solution to a modern solution allows organizations to realize the true potential of their existing data and set the foundation for growth. Some of the benefits include:

Cost & Maintenance

Modern storage solutions can be cheaper to operate and easier to find qualified talent to maintain it.


Set the framework to begin using machine learning and advanced analytics.


Reduce the friction of future changes by utilizing cloud-based storage.


Increase the resources your organization uses without changing the architecture.

Kenway's Approach

Kenway has a team of experienced data architects, data engineers, and technical analysts to advise on a new implementation or accelerate an on-going implementation. We understand that every company is different, so we tailor each data migration based on each use-case. We study and understand our clients’ requirements to put forth the best recommendations with a long-term lens. Our technology agnostic approach ensures that each engagement is treated uniquely with a strong focus on meeting the budget, timeline, and goals our clients have.

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