Kenway Consulting

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Kenway’s approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics is based on maximizing speed to insight.

Why Kenway

With the volume of internal and external data growing each year, many companies are finding themselves data rich and information poor. Without investing in ways to consolidate data and present it in impactful ways, companies lack the ability to deliver relevant, timely and usable information to the executives, managers and analysts who need it most.

Kenway’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics service brings together expertise in data modeling, data analysis, data visualization, and ETL development with broad industry experience to help cater to your needs. Whether you are looking to evolve an existing BI platform or seeking to establish a new BI program, our Business Intelligence service guides clients through a business-driven, pragmatic effort that leverages Kenway’s business acumen and technical development capabilities.

How We Deliver

We believe BI and Analytics “done right” is an iterative process that begins with identifying a business problem and concludes with evaluating the outcomes and insights to inform the next initiative. It is about speed to insight – getting to the relevant information faster by providing tangible outputs to your users. This allows an organization’s stakeholders to gain an intimate understanding of their data which ultimately allows them to make better decisions regarding their business as well as their investment in analytics.

Our Expertise

Kenway has deployed its BI and Analytics expertise across multiple industries to help companies broaden and deepen their business intelligence and analytics strategy, and increase the maturity of their overall data strategy.

Kenway’s keys to success for business intelligence and analytics:

  • Maintain a business focus which allows the organization to reap returns on their investment while also delivering technical solutions.
  • Incorporate Data Governance and Data Management considerations to ensure data quality.
  • Achieve early success by solving tactical business problems and accelerating feedback loops with technology by combining business acumen with technical development.
  • As you continue to achieve quick wins, maintain a vision toward strategic Business Intelligence to ensure scalability and flexibility in your environment.
  • Regularly assess your organization’s Business Intelligence and Analytics needs and level of maturity when considering acceleration – do not move too quickly or skip a step.

How Can We Help?