Let Kenway be the key that unlocks the power of the Salesforce platform for your organization.

Kenway Services

Custom Development

  • Define, create, and launch custom buttons and triggers
  • Create custom pages to enhance the UI/UX of Salesforce as well as set up complex processes with apex (Similar to Java or C#)


  • Conduct enterprise-wide stakeholder interviewing to determine detailed business requirements (on any Salesforce platform)
  • Deep dive analysis into current Salesforce implementation
  • Identify quick wins and establish an ROI for a Salesforce business case
  • Redesign business processes prior to implementation
  • Change Management and Training program developlement and execution 

Custom Object Configuration

  • Define, create, and launch custom or standard objects designed to streamline your business
  • Define, create, and launch custom sales paths for the lead and opportunity objects highlihgting key milestones throughout the sales journey for your company
  • Determine the necessity of custom page layouts, record types, and field security 


  • Connect disparate third-party data sources to your Salesforce instance via API
  • Install, configure, and launch applications from the Salesforce AppExchange 

Custom Workflows

  • Define, create, and launch rules to automate business processes
  • Document and launch automated actions, validations, approvals, and escalation rules for certain objects requiring attention
  • Streamline repeatable processes with Process Builder, Flows, and workflow rules

Class to Lightning Transition

  • Transition from Classic Salesforce instance to the visually cutting edge and streamlined instance of Salesforce Lightning 

Salesforce Case Study

Explore the Kenway Salesforce case study below.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance with Salesforce

Kenway Consulting helped a leading financial services client comply with updated regulatory requirements by implementing radical firm-wide process automation using the Salesforce platform

Salesforce Methodology


Example Assessment Framework

Get to Know Our Experts

As an organization, we are driven by our Guiding Principles. This means acting with integrity and communicating effectively to provide our clients with the highest quality of consulting services. Our experts embody these principles in everything they do, and have combined experience working with and for Fortune 500 companies, preparing these clients for the road ahead.

Clay Wolff

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead / Director Bus. Development

Clay has helped many clients navigate their journeys on the Salesforce platform. His leadership has helped clients address strategic goals that either center around the Salesforce platform or have a various dependencies associated with it – from greenfield implementation efforts, to optimization and customization initiatives, and integration projects. Clay is both a certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant. Before joining Kenway in 2015, Clay administered his global commercial real estate firm’s global CRM solution. He ensured transparency, increased user adoption and improved accountability metrics for the tenant rep and portfolio brokerage pursuit teams.

Colin Knapp

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead

Colin has had the opportunity to help multiple clients design and implement Salesforce instances to fit their business needs. His deep knowledge of the platform has enabled him to design architecture that fits seamlessly inside existing technology stacks and allows for easy integration to other applications. Before joining Kneway, Colin worked for a technology and travel company that sparked his passion for Salesforce and set him down a path of becoming a Solution Architect. Colin currently holds the Salesforce Admin & Platform App Builder certifications with plans to obtain the B2C Solution Architect by December 2020.

Success of any Salesforce related initiative requires a detailed solution design that captures the entirety of your enterprise tech stack. I’ve found that most envision a Salesforce project to be relatively single threaded from a technology perspective, but that simply isn’t the reality in these days of whole-scale digital transformations. Our team will help you build a holistic solution that includes Salesforce and not a Salesforce solution that excludes the rest of the enterprise systems.

Salesforce can be a foundation stone to your business, allowing more transparency and information into customers, sales, and business processes. The platform can be molded to fit your business and enable your users to extract meaningful insights quickly. Kenway can provide guidance and lead you down the right path, avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls that would put your implementation at risk.