Regardless of your company’s industry, size, or stage in the business lifecycle, the future of your enterprise’s growth starts with an optimized customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

  • Create a 360-degree view of your customers 
  • Manage workflows throughout the business 
  • Deepen the value of your data 
  • Eliminate data silos across lines of business
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The Expertise to Deliver an Optimal Salesforce Solution

At Kenway, we combine deep Salesforce expertise with decades of broad experience in IT strategy, data governance, and more to deliver the best Salesforce IT consulting solutions for your business.

Whether you need support with implementation or customization, our experts can help: 

  • Customize your Salesforce org and related workflows.
  • Integrate disparate data sources into a unified Salesforce platform.
  • Evaluate and optimize your Salesforce implementation.

Learn how a partner can help you successfully implement Salesforce at your company.

“The success of any Salesforce-related initiative requires a detailed solution design that captures the entirety of your enterprise tech stack. I’ve found that most envision a Salesforce project to be relatively single-threaded from
a technology perspective, but that simply isn’t the reality in these days of whole-scale digital
transformations. Our team will help you build a holistic solution that includes Salesforce
— not a Salesforce solution that excludes the rest of the enterprise systems.”

Clay Wolff

Managing Director - Business Development & Marketing

What We Do

Custom Object Configurations

Streamline your business processes and highlight milestones throughout the user journey with custom objects and Salesforce Paths. 

Custom Development

Enhance usability with custom buttons, triggers, and pages.


Bring your disparate data sources into a unified Salesforce platform with custom integrations, event-driven architecture, and iPaaS solutions.

Custom Workflows

Automate and streamline business processes with actions, validations, approvals, and escalation rules.

Custom Analytics

Expand your reporting capabilities to include all organizational activity captured by the Salesforce platform.

Evalution & Optimization

Realize a return on your Salesforce investment sooner with expert evaluations, design optimization, and  bespoke implementations.

“Salesforce can be a cornerstone to your business, allowing more transparency and information into customers, sales,
and business processes. The platform can be molded to fit your business and enable your users to extract
meaningful insights quickly. Kenway can provide guidance and lead you down the right path,
avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls that would put your implementation at risk.”

Colin Knapp

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead

Salesforce Consulting Services Backed by Comprehensive Expertise

As a longtime Salesforce partner, Kenway understands how to leverage the full breadth of the platform. With our expertise and Salesforce’s nearly unlimited capabilities, you can put the combined power of two industry leaders to work for your enterprise.

Cloud Expertise

By enhancing the UI/UX of your platform, we help create beautiful experiences for your users and increase adoption.

Strategy and Design

Our experts understand how to align your Salesforce platform strategy with your enterprise IT and business strategies, giving you more time to work with key stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition.

Information Insight​

We identify opportunities to break down data silos so the right people can access the right data at the right time on your platform to give them the ability to leverage the data and glean insights.

Knowledge & Experience

With 100+ years of combined strategic CRM experience, we offer solutions that will stand the test of time and scale with your enterprise.

Data Literacy

Case Study: Achieving Regulatory Compliance with Salesforce

A leading financial services company needed to comply with updated regulatory requirements. Kenway worked with the client to implement a radical firm-wide process automation using the Salesforce platform. The new process resulted in:

85% Increase in Daily Loans

95% Increase in User Adoption

$50K in annual savings

Salesforce Expertise

Kenway Consulting has expertise delivering custom client solutions across a wide variety of Salesforce products.

Sales Cloud

Marketing Cloud


Service Cloud

Experience Cloud

Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Shield

CPQ & Billing

Financial Services Cloud

How Salesforce Health Cloud Can Help Your Organization

At Kenway, we marry our proficiency in helping health care organizations with deep Health Cloud expertise to solve problems. We take a holistic approach to implementation by considering your current capabilities and needs, as well as your tech stack as a whole, and collaborate with you to define the ideal future state. From there, we seamlessly connect Salesforce Health Cloud to bring systems and data sources together to help achieve your goals.

Get to Know Our Experts

Kenway Consulting is driven by our Guiding Principles. We act with integrity to provide our clients with honest, high-quality Salesforce consulting services. We aren’t held to alliances with specific technologies, methodologies, and implementation partnerships. Our Salesforce experts embody these principles in everything they do.

John Candioto

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead

5x SF certified, John has great breadth and depth across the Salesforce ecosystem and excels at integrating best practices with custom solution architecture. Having previously worked at Salesforce, John has been involved with numerous fortune 100 and public sector Salesforce implementations, helping to bring strategic business priorities to life within the platform. John has a rich history of industry expertise with 10+ years experience in Supply Chain, Sales Operations, and S&OP. 

Colin Knapp

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead

Colin is currently 3x certified and with over a decade of experience in the platform. He has helped multiple Kenway clients design and implement Salesforce instances to fit their business needs. His deep knowledge of the platform has resulted in designing architectures that fit seamlessly inside clients’ existing technology stacks and allow for easy integration to other applications.

Salesforce Consultant FAQs

Salesforce consultants have platform-specific expertise and can advise you on how to make the platform work for your business and identify use cases that you may not consider on your own. Salesforce consultants can also help you implement, customize, and manage your Salesforce org on an ongoing basis. 

Identifying the best Salesforce consultant will depend on a variety of factors, such as your industry, use cases, and current Salesforce capabilities. The ideal partner will specialize in Salesforce and have expertise in other aspects of data management, IT strategy, and other related technology functions.

Ideally you should work with a Salesforce architect on a regular basis. You may even want to consider having one on staff depending on your Salesforce usage and org size. Tech debt can snowball quickly. At a minimum, we recommend you work with an architect:

  • At the onset of adopting Salesforce, at least on a consultative level, to ensure there is a roadmap and foundational system utilization structure
  • In conjunction with any Salesforce project/implementation
  • During periodic reviews (sort of like an annual physical for your Salesforce instance) if system configurations are ongoing

When choosing a Salesforce admin seek out someone who challenges proposals, makes alternative recommendations, and explores solutions independently. For developers, choose someone with a configuration background. If your developer doesn’t have a configuration background, make sure you have a Salesforce architect reviewing decisions. Configuration-based solutions (as opposed to customizations) should be the default, and code should be used responsibly. Having a good knowledge of configuration and config tools is the first step.

While it’s good to look for certifications they aren’t the only way to verify expertise. Consider previous projects, testimonials, and references as well.

DevOps is an organizational process and mindset, and usually not specific to a particular platform (in this case, Salesforce). With that in mind, the goal with Salesforce should be to tap into the existing DevOps framework you already have established:

  • Identify key individuals and team members
  • Identify deployment tools
  • Establish pipeline and process
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Establish guidelines for promotion and testing cadences 
  • Create sandboxes for development, QA Testing, UAT, and staging
  • Use Salesforce or a third-party tool to create pipelines between the sandboxes
  • Create code repo to store new development
  • Set approvers and people to resolve change conflicts

Think of a Salesforce sandbox like an artist’s sketchpad. It’s not on display at a gallery and it’s not seen by others at all unless you show it to them. Like a sketchpad, a Salesforce sandbox is a place where you play around and figure things out. It is a test environment that allows for things like development, testing, training, and more. It has no impact on your production environment until you choose to deploy the changes you make.

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