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Regardless of your company’s industry, size, or stage in the business lifecycle, the future of your enterprises’ growth starts with an optimized customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Specifically, Salesforce can improve your customers’ overall experience throughout the sales cycle by ensuring they’re engaged at the right time with the most relevant message, it can help to eliminate data silos across lines of business, and most importantly, with the right integration architecture, it will enhance your customer data – allowing you a competitive edge resulting in positive impacts to your bottom line.

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“Success of any Salesforce-related initiative requires a detailed solution design that captures the entirety of your
enterprise tech stack. I’ve found that most envision a Salesforce project to be relatively single-threaded from
a technology perspective, but that simply isn’t the reality in these days of whole-scale digital
transformations. Our team will help you build a holistic solution that includes Salesforce
and not a Salesforce solution that excludes the rest of the enterprise systems.”

Clay Wolff

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead

What We Do

Custom Object Configuration

Create custom objects and implement Salesforce Paths designed to streamline your business processes and highlight milestones throughout the various user journeys.

Custom Development

Define, create, and launch custom buttons, triggers, and pages that enhance the UI/UX of Salesforce and set up complex processes with Apex.


Bring your disparate data sources into a unified Salesforce platform with custom integrations, event-driven architecture, and iPaaS solutions.

Custom Workflows

Use actions, validations, approvals, and escalation rules to automate business processes and streamline repeatable processes.

Custom Analytics

Define KPIs for sales lifecycle management and expand your reporting functionality to include robust operational tracking for all organizational activity captured by the Salesforce platform.

Evalution & Optimization

We evaluate, optimally design, and deliver bespoke Salesforce implementations that result in streamlined time-to-value on your platform investment.

“Salesforce can be a cornerstone to your business, allowing more transparency and information into customers, sales,
and business processes. The platform can be molded to fit your business and enable your users to extract
meaningful insights quickly. Kenway can provide guidance and lead you down the right path,
avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls that would put your implementation at risk.”

Colin Knapp

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead

Why Kenway

Cloud Expertise

Leverage Kenway’s technical platform capabilities to create custom pages to enhance the UI/UX of your platform, allowing you to extend your cloud technology footprint with engaging applications that improve collaboration and drive value throughout your organization.

Strategy and Design

Kenway will guide you down the path of aligning your Salesforce platform strategy with your enterprise IT and Business strategies. Approaching your Salesforce initiatives through a consultative lens, allowing you to focus on the vision while we focus on the platform design and solution.

Information Insight

Companies big and small can find themselves victim to data silos across lines of business. Kenway will help to identify opportunities to break down these barriers, ensuring the right people have the ability to access the right data at the right time on your platform, giving users the ability glean more insights from the available data.

Knowledge & Experience

Kenway resources are Management and Technology consultants who can apply our over 100 years of combined strategic CRM experience to provide your organization with platform strategies and solutions that will stand the test of time and scale with your enterprise.

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Case Study: Achieving Regulatory Compliance with Salesforce

A leading financial services company needed to comply with updated regulatory requirements. Kenway worked with the client to implement a radical firm-wide process automation using the Salesforce platform. The new process resulted in:

85% Increase in Daily Loans

95% Increase in User Adoption

$50K in annual savings

Kenway's Salesforce Partnership

As a long-time, trusted Salesforce partner, we believe in its capabilities and have a thorough understanding of how the platform can work for your company. This depth of Salesforce knowledge is layered upon the breadth of our decades of experience excelling across IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Design, Custom Development, Data Governance and Management, and Business Intelligence. Put the combined power of two industry leaders to work for your enterprise.

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Salesforce Expertise

Kenway Consulting has expertise in the following Salesforce products that we work with on a daily basis. We have delivered custom client solutions across all of these products.

Sales Cloud

Experience Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Service Cloud

Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Shield

CPQ & Billing

Financial Services Cloud


Health Cloud

Get to Know Our Experts

Kenway Consulting is driven by our Guiding Principles. This means acting with integrity and communicating effectively to provide our clients with the highest quality of consulting services. We remain unencumbered by overbearing alliances with specific technologies, methodologies, and implementation partnerships. Our Salesforce experts embody these principles in everything they do.

Clay Wolff

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead / Director Bus. Development

Clay is a certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant. His leadership has helped clients address strategic goals centered around the Salesforce platform or have various dependencies associated with it. Before joining Kenway in 2015, Clay administered a commercial real estate firm’s global CRM solution.

Colin Knapp

Salesforce Practice Co-Lead

Colin currently holds the Salesforce Administrator and Platform App Builder certifications. He has helped multiple Kenway clients design and implement Salesforce instances to fit their business needs. His deep knowledge of the platform has resulted in designing architectures that fit seamlessly inside clients’ existing technology stacks and allow for easy integration to other applications.

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