Kenway Consulting

B2B Distribution

Once insulated from the disruptive forces that have transformed other industries, new competition and digital technologies are threatening traditional business models. We have helped B2B/Distribution clients enhance compensation systems, drop ship processes, and financial data flows while analyzing and governing their sales data.

Data & Analytics

  • Accounts Payable Analytics
  • Vendor Incentives Analytics
  • EDI Supply Chain Analytics
  • Enterprise Risk Management – Selling Services
  • Dynamic Sourcing Business Use Justification
  • Product Data Governance
  • Human Resources Data Assessment and Recommendations
  • Product Data Assessment and Recommendations

Technology Implementations & Transformations

  • Compensation Systems and Process Enhancements
  • Bid Desk Assessment and Enhancements
  • Subscription Services Billing System Automation
  • Mobility Application Marketplace
  • Call Monitoring
  • Drop Ship Enhancements
  • Wireless Identity Services Engine
  • Finance Data Flow Enhancements

Process Improvement Initiatives

  • Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
  • Business Process Assurance Vendor Compliance
  • Purchase Order Audit and Recommendations
  • Software Assessments
  • Product Management Portfolio Governance
  • Compensation Portfolio Governance
  • Vendor Spinoff Adjustments

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