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Complex Regulations Require Expert Guidance

Achieve regulatory compliance through better customer data management

Financial services has always been a highly regulated industry. But the number of regulations you have to comply with is increasing—and they’re becoming more complicated.

AML, KYC, FATCA, GDPR, CCPA: compliance starts with better customer data management. And Kenway Consulting is the management and technology consulting firm that helps ensure you are ready.



Regulatory compliance isn’t a conventional IT project

You know it. And more importantly, so do we. That’s why our approach to compliance is as flexible as it is comprehensive.

Working as a bridge between business and IT stakeholders, we create an actionable strategic roadmap that reduces risk and positions your company to confidently and efficiently comply with regulatory requirements now and in the future.


Create a sustainable solution for compliance

When a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider needed a comprehensive and scalable plan to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act, they turned to Kenway.

Using a risk-based approach, we created a flexible program that optimized efficiencies, mitigated the need for additional staff, and allowed for easy adjustments to not only achieve compliance before the law took effect but also accommodated regulation changes while potentially covering new state regulations.


Get to know the team

As an organization, we are driven by our guiding principles. This means acting with integrity and communicating effectively to provide our clients with the highest quality of consulting services.

Our team of experts embodies these principles in everything they do and have combined experience working with and for Fortune 500 companies in regulatory, compliance, and technology capacities, preparing these clients for the road ahead.

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