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As digital transformation drives data growth and diversity, companies must adopt clear strategies to optimize data utilization and analytics for success. 

At Kenway, we believe that to leverage data as an asset, organizations need to adopt a modern approach that utilizes cloud technology and a composable data ecosystem with the right tools for each aspect of the data lifecycle. However, to fully realize the value of the technology investment, focus must also be given to the people and processes that support data enablement efforts.

Why a Modern Data Approach Works: The Grocery Store Analogy

Traditional data platforms can be inefficient as central teams managing and curating data often become bottlenecks.  Spending time creating highly customized data products for a large number of individual users leaves little opportunity for efficiency gains or reuse of final products. This can be thought of as the restaurant model.  

In contrast, modern data platforms adopt a decentralized data product mindset. Rather than providing a large volume of highly tailored end products, central teams offer standardized data ingredients for users to combine as needed. By focusing on ensuring high-quality data and proper sourcing, central teams find efficiencies in delivering a single solution, can avoid bottlenecks and enable scaling. Quality is ensured with a governance framework managing the process and platform that users interact with. This approach can be likened to a grocery store.

The Benefits to Your Organization

This combination of people, process, and technology empowers your organization to provide high-quality data to all users, enabling effective decision-making and innovation by leveraging your organization’s core data assets.
This results in:

Improved IT Operating Model

Minimize IT roadblocks and streamline data integration, to increase speed-to-market and future-proof data operations.

Improved Data Distribution

Empower your organization by harnessing advanced and predictive analytics, optimizing data-driven decision-making, and fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation with data.

Improved Governance

Promote team-based data ownership & discovery to enhance quality and analytics accuracy, while reducing operational costs and lowering the burden traditionally placed on a central data team.

Kenway's Approach

The modern data ecosystem spans several concepts:


Onboard data from across the organization with low lead times.


An ETL/ELT solution that delivers data in exactly the form needed to meet business requirements.

Downstream Enablement

Streamline the delivery of data to business processes and operations.


Establish a centralized, scalable, and cost-effective storage solution for easily accessible data throughout the organization.


Implement metadata discovery and cataloging tools to improve data asset discoverability and usability.

Kenway takes a vendor-agnostic approach and leverages the best technology provider to meet your organization’s needs. We will help to select and implement the technology solution.  We will also ensure that the governance structures and operating models are established with a focus on the people, processing, and operating models (mindsets) that are necessary to instituting a new structure that ensures a successful engagement and realizes the full return on investment into the technology components.

Our Experience

Kenway has supported multiple organizations during their Modern Data Enablement journey. Learn more about these engagements:

Get to Know Our Experts

Kenway Consulting is driven by our Guiding Principles. We act with integrity to provide our clients with honest, high-quality Modern Data consulting services. We aren’t held to alliances with specific technologies, methodologies, and implementation partnerships. Our Modern Data experts embody these principles in everything they do.

Byron Leonsins

Byron Leonsins

Practice Lead

Patrick Marcoux

Practice Lead

Byron focuses on leading data and analytics engagements that help clients make better use of their data to drive operational and strategic goals. His knowledge of data solutions has spanned the entire journey from: data discovery & profiling, to ingestion & ELT processes, to data modeling & architecture, to data visualization & advanced analytics. He focuses not only on elegant solutions but also on adoption and engagement from end users and consumers. Byron is a leader within Kenway’s Data & Analytics, and Application Development spaces and serves across all verticals – Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecom, and Technology. Before joining Kenway, Byron worked at a South African top 40 financial services provider. He holds an MBA and MSBA from Arizona State University in Data & Business Analytics.

Patrick has helped numerous organizations successfully navigate their Data Management, Data Engineering, and Business Intelligence challenges. He is particularly well-versed in the strategic value of an organization’s data, Patrick has helped lead, architect, and implement data solutions that allow companies to successfully navigate their data journey. Prior to Kenway, Patrick spent his career working as a data consultant, with a focus on Digital Innovation and Data Strategies.

Brenden McGlinchey


Joseph Steelman


Brenden brings passion and a wealth of experience as a transformational data and analytics leader within Kenway. His industry experience in Finance and Healthcare working in startups through Fortune 100 companies on the leading edge of people and technology change enable him to keenly understand the people, process, and technology challenges and opportunities of our clients. He has built and matured data and analytics capabilities and teams to meet strategic organizational goals, accomplish merger & acquisition activity, and enable digital transformation. His principal areas of focus are Data Governance, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and leading through change.

Joe focuses on team building, technology optimism, and high-value delivery practices across the technology product portfolio. He’s led teams across Financial Services, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Telecom, and eCommerce verticals. His diverse experience includes design & development of custom business applications as point solutions, leading the migration of on-premise infrastructure to cloud, conversion of legacy ERP to cloud, and developing data strategies & analytics delivery models to enable rapid speed to market and Self-Service frameworks. Joe is a leader within the Application Development, Data & Analytics, and Enterprise Solutions space at Kenway. Prior to his work as a Technology Leader and Architect at Kenway, Joe spent years at a high frequency trading firm focusing on technology performance, risk monitoring, and optimizing software delivery practices.

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