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Kenway's Approach

Kenway is positioning a new approach to fully capitalize on the upside of the data revolution. By looking at the problem holistically and building a cohesive plan for change, we can help ensure that business users can quickly access trusted data to support analysis, product development, operations or regulatory compliance. This includes a new approach to the technical stack, leveraging a combination of cloud technology and composable data tools, and educating data owners with a refined lens to the people, processes, and operating models (mindsets) that underpin these delivery efforts.

As the quantity and variety of data continues to increase, driven by the rise of smart factories, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and other cutting-edge technologies, traditional data enablement approaches are unable to scale accordingly. Organizations who continue to leverage a traditional approach to data will often be:

  • Bottlenecked by central data & IT teams who are tasked with both ingesting an ever increasing volume of data while
    also providing a growing number of highly customized data outputs
  • Hampered by legacy technology that is unable to handle both the variety and velocity of the organization’s data
    sources while incurring a large maintenance and administrative burden.
  • Ill-equipped to allow teams to innovate through advancements in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics.

Additionally, the technical literacy of the average business user continues to increase with regards to both their
understanding of data and their competency with the corresponding technologies (BI platforms, data wrangling tools, ML, and advanced analytics). However, the legacy approaches to people and process tend to stray from the goal of equipping users with high-quality data. To fully capitalize on this data revolution, organizations need a new approach to drive innovation in the market and ultimately provide high-quality to all users within the business. In our Modern Data Enablement analysis, we dive deeper into a digital transformation strategy to fully capitalize on data.   

  • Digitization is increasing the quantity of applications and features used by businesses – expanding the domain of operational data

Operational Data

Running the business and serving the users.

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Planning

Central Teams Responsible for the Ingestion, Curation, and Management of Data are the Bottleneck


    Analytical Data

    Optimizing the business and user experience

    • BI Domain
    • Demand for visibility and data driven insights are increasing
    • Business User Technology Literacy is increasing; however, without the necessary data and tools to capitalize

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