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Information Insight

When it comes to data and analytics, many companies have significant roadblocks keeping them from utilizing data as an asset. These range from needing a data strategy to determine when and how they can mature their data capabilities to needing to design solutions catered to specific analyses. Kenway’s Information Insight capability seeks to help overcome these challenges to allow organizations to leverage data visualization and analytics to reduce costs, identify new opportunities, and drive data-driven decision making.

Data Governance

Creating strategic and tactical frameworks to ensure the quality and consistency of your organization’s data. We believe that data can be governed in a way that minimizes cost while maximizing the organization’s ability to ensure data quality.

  • Assessments to implementations
  • Processes, policies, and organization
  • Availability, usability, integrity, consistency, auditability, and security of your company’s data

Data Management

Building and deploying the processes and mechanisms to facilitate the flow of data across the enterprise. We partner with both business and technology teams, bridging the gap between business needs and technical capabilities.

  • Integrate people, processes, and technologies
  • Ensure data is controlled, provisioned, and received in an organized fashion

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Transforming your data into meaningful, descriptive information and delivering it to the right stakeholders to enable the organization to reduce expenses, identify opportunities, and increase revenue. Our approach to Business Intelligence & Analytics is based on maximizing speed to insight.

  • Reports, dashboards, and visualizations
  • Advanced analytics

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