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Unpredictable markets. Sky-high stakes. Rapid deal momentum. Corporate M&A groups and Private Equity firms require careful navigation and decisive action for the highest returns. Swift yet strategic is the way to win.

Every stage of the deal lifecycle brings unique challenges that need to be faced head-on with a tailored, multidisciplinary team combining business acumen with savvy technologists. At Kenway, our M&A Consulting teams are not just here to build value; we are here to amplify it, identify synergies, and realize the strategic imperatives of the transaction.

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Our Expertise

At Kenway, our M&A Consultants are your partners in success. Our deep understanding of M&A strategy, change management, and IT strategy empowers us to manage costs and benefits effectively. From early-stage strategy to tactical execution, we focus on delivering ROI maximization and value generation for your acquisitions and investments.

Kenway takes the reins of the technical and functional components of the acquisition process. We leverage our expertise in technical project management and an optimal staffing model to ensure flexibility and maximize value for spend for the acquiring company or PE firm.


Comprehensive Technology Due Diligence

Technology architecture and data management reviews to assess the internal technological capabilities of target companies

Risk Identification and Mitigation

Identify technology-related risks and vulnerabilities that could impact the portfolio company’s performance and value


Value Creation

Analyze how technology assets and capabilities impact the portfolio company’s overall value and potential for growth

Digital Transformation

Unlock new revenue streams, improve competitiveness, and modernize the portfolio company’s technology capabilities

Operational Improvement

Identify opportunities to streamline processes, optimize IT systems, and enhance overall technology efficiency

Post-Transaction Excellence

Seamlessly executing complex system integrations and aligning cultures, objectives, and technology

Change Management

Ensuring smooth transitions to new systems and processes

Data Analytics and Insights

Enable data-driven decision-making and enhance the portfolio company’s ability to capture actionable insights

Private Equity Services

From providing pre-investment technology due diligence to post-investment optimization, we help ascertain technology-related risks and identify value drivers to be leveraged post-investment for Private Equity services. We have a proven track record of maximizing value for both domains throughout the technology due diligence and post-transaction integration phases of the deal lifecycle.

With a comprehensive understanding of the target company’s technology and processes, our goal is to provide execution to support the portfolio company’s growth objectives and align with the Private Equity investment thesis and strategy.

Technology Due Diligence

In the Technology Due Diligence phase, we go beyond surface-level assessments. We delve deep into the technology infrastructure, systems, and applications of the target entity, evaluating the internal technological capabilities, robustness, scalability, and potential risks.

Ultimately, this informs pre-acquisition cost estimations and post-acquisition technology impacts, leading to executable roadmaps.

Operational Improvement Assessment

Due diligence delves into the target company’s technology operations and identifies areas for improvement. This may include streamlining processes, optimizing IT systems, and enhancing overall technology efficiency

Growth Strategy

Assess the target company’s technology strategy and alignment with its growth plans and look for opportunities to leverage technology to support the company’s expansion and market competitiveness

Risk Identification and Mitigation

Private equity technology due diligence seeks to identify technology-related risks and vulnerabilities that could impact the target company’s performance and value. Focus on cybersecurity, data protection, and regulatory compliance.

Technology Optimization Analysis

Technology due diligence is primarily focused on understanding how technology assets and capabilities impact the target company’s overall value and potential for growth. Aim to identify technology-related opportunities for value creation.

Acquisition Value Build

We execute on technology initiatives to enhance the efficiency, scalability, and competitiveness of the portfolio company’s technology infrastructure while supporting the portfolio company’s growth strategy.

Our technology proficiency extends across operational systems including, but not limited to, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Azure, and analytical platforms such as Azure Synapse, Snowflake, Databricks, etc.

Technology Performance Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the portfolio company’s technology infrastructure, systems, and applications. Evaluate the efficiency, scalability, and alignment of technology with the company’s business objectives

Technology Cost Optimization

Identify opportunities for technology cost optimization to showcase the portfolio company’s efficiency and financial discipline. This can include recommendations for streamlining IT operations and identifying potential cost savings

Technology Roadmap

Work with the portfolio company’s management team to develop a technology roadmap that aligns with the company’s growth plans and showcases its future potential. This roadmap can demonstrate to potential buyers the company’s readiness for future challenges and opportunities

IT Governance and Compliance

Review the portfolio company’s IT governance framework and compliance measures and ensure that the company meets industry standards and regulatory requirements, thereby reducing potential risks for potential buyers

Exit Strategy and Planning

To maximize your returns, we help to showcase the portfolio company’s technological strengths, potential for future growth, and readiness for a successful transition to new ownership while addressing technology-related concerns.

Value Creation Showcase

Identify and showcase technology-driven value creation initiatives that have been implemented during the PE ownership period and present how technology enhancements have positively impacted the company’s operational efficiency, customer experience, and financial performance

Exit Preparedness

Assess the portfolio company’s technology scalability to demonstrate its ability to support growth and expansion and evaluate the company’s technology roadmap to showcase its future readiness. Aim to enhance technology-driven value creation initiatives to appeal to potential buyers during the exit process

Buy-Side Corporate M&A

Our extensive expertise of the complexity and challenges associated with Corporate M&A transactions, such as cultural integration, harmonization of IT infrastructure, operational alignment, and employee retention, allows us to identify synergies and realize strategic imperatives.

We help you through every stage of the deal lifecycle, from technological due diligence to executing post-merger integration, while also ensuring the successful alignment with Corporate M&A Strategy and consolidation of the acquired company’s operations.

Pre-Acquisition Technology Due Diligence

Our team of M&A Consultants identifies cloud services used by the target firm, determining consolidation and integration opportunities to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We pinpoint areas of overlap and inefficiency to rationalize the technology landscape of the target company.

Furthermore, we assess the security, data management, and governance protocols of both entities to inform the post-transaction efforts required. Our goal in this phase is to ensure the alignment of technology strategy with the business objectives of the acquiring company or investment thesis, setting the stage for a successful merger or acquisition.

Synergy Identification

Identify potential synergies between the acquiring and target companies’ technology resources and assess how combining technology assets can lead to cost savings, operational efficiencies, and competitive advantages.

Integration Assessment

Identify potential integration challenges and develop a roadmap for a smooth post-merger integration process.

Strategic Fit

Assess how the target company’s technology assets and capabilities fit into the acquiring company’s existing technology landscape and long-term business strategy.

Integration Strategy

Post-transaction, we hit the ground running with a comprehensive roadmap and plan, prioritized by impact and effort, to integrate disparate technology systems. Our focus is on ensuring compatibility, minimal disruption to business operations, and optimal data integrity. We oversee and execute data migration from source to target, ensuring that data is transferred accurately, securely, and seamlessly.

We will work to improve efficiencies by eliminating redundancies, streamlining processes, and optimizing/modernizing the tech stack for future scale. We also develop contingency plans to address any potential system failures or unexpected disruptions, ensuring your business is always prepared.

Technology Assessment and Planning

Begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the technology landscape of both the acquiring and target companies. Identify areas of alignment and potential gaps, creating a technology integration plan that outlines the steps, timelines, and priorities for merging the IT systems and operations.

Infrastructure and Application Rationalization

Identify opportunities for optimizing technology infrastructure, such as data centers, networks, and hardware, to drive cost savings and improved performance. Evaluate the application portfolio of both companies and make recommendations for rationalizing redundant or outdated applications. This streamlines operations and reduces maintenance costs

Business Process Alignment

Collaborate with business stakeholders to align technology with business processes. Ensure that the integrated IT systems support the new operating model and facilitate smooth cross-functional workflows

IT Governance and Organization

Assist in establishing an effective IT governance framework for the newly merged entity. Help define roles, responsibilities, and reporting structures within the IT organization to ensure clear decision-making and accountability

Post-Merger Integration and Optimization

At Kenway, we ensure seamless adoption of new technologies, policies, and re-designed business processes by aligning organizational cultures with business objectives and technology platforms. We develop change management strategies, communication plans, and training programs to support employees in adapting to new structures, processes, and systems.

IT Systems Integration

Work closely with the IT teams of both companies to execute the integration plan. This includes consolidating and migrating data, applications, and infrastructure to create a unified and efficient IT environment that supports the combined organization’s goals

Data Integration and Migration

Facilitate the seamless integration of data from both companies, ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and security throughout the process. Identify data mapping requirements and implement strategies to handle data consolidation and migration challenges.

Change Management and Training

Support change management efforts by helping employees adapt to the new technology environment. Provide training and support to ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions during the integration process

Kenway specializes in providing superior technology advisory and strategy services for Private Equity firms and large corporations alike. We communicate project updates, progress, and significant milestones to stakeholders and senior management, ensuring timely and cost-effective completion of workstreams.

We have a proven track record of maximizing value for both domains throughout the technology due diligence and post-transaction integration phases of the deal lifecycle. At Kenway, we’re committed to building value at every step of the acquisition life cycle.


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