IT Strategy

Set direction for IT functions. Maximize your value. Ensure IT objectives are aligned with your business strategies.

Why Kenway

New and emerging technologies, customer facing relationships, predictive analytics, and security are just some of the day-to-day challenges that companies face. In order to address all these challenges, business and IT have to evolve together and share operating models.

An IT strategy sets direction for IT functions and helps to maximize value from IT investments and expenditures while minimizing ongoing support costs. Because Kenway specializes in bridging the gap between business and technology organizations, we are uniquely positioned to guide them through the challenges of crafting an impactful IT strategy, which requires an understanding of both technology and business objectives and landscapes.​

How We Deliver

IT Strategy requires a process and a framework. The former provides the steps and the latter the toolkit. Together they help an organization define an IT strategy that maximizes business value by ensuring that IT investment decisions have a strong, clear relationship with overall organization objectives.

We help our clients by developing current and future state assessments of applications, infrastructure, architecture and staffing along with developing a roadmap for progress towards a desired state.

Kenway connects the dots within companies by defining and tracking a practical, measurable and achievable IT strategy which will create shareholder value through capitalizing on the return of IT investments.

Our Expertise

Kenway’s IT Strategy service has been implemented across multiple industries. Kenway has helped companies to define an aligned technology and business strategy, maximizing value and reducing costs.

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