Change Management

Structured approach using people, processes and technology to ensure that business transformation is understood by stakeholders to maximize value and deliver ongoing success.

Why Kenway

Often overlooked but never regretted, Change Management is the tool your company needs to succeed. As organizations roll out large-scale, complex and transformational programs, a comprehensive approach to organizational transformation is needed to enable business leaders to achieve smooth transitions with minimal disruption to their businesses, while ensuring effective and sustainable realization of business value.

At Kenway we adopt a holistic, data-driven, proactive and structured approach to Change Management which is focused on one and only one principle − create an environment through objective policies and planning to ensure the end users are willing and able to change. We achieve this by proactively engaging end users to drive early adoption and establishing robust communication channels to drive stakeholder alignment with business objectives.

How We Deliver

Successful Change Management requires clear and defined organizational structure that maximize end-user adoption through optimized business processes.

Kenway’s Change Management service offering enables companies to control the installation of new programs, processes and implementations to improve the realization of overarching business benefits. We implement a repeatable model to ensure continued success in future change efforts, and execute seamless change programs through effective and meticulous planning and organizational buy-in.

To enable and sustain lasting change, rigorous attention to a formal change management effort is integral to any significant project a company undertakes. Kenway can help equip your company to drive and sustain change through our unique Change Management approach.

Our Expertise

Kenway’s Change Management service offering encompasses training, communications and performance support that has enabled organizations across diverse industries to effectively use, support, maintain, and benefit from their transformational business investments.

Kenway can help equip your company to drive and sustain change through our unique Change Management approach:

  • Customize: Consider unique needs and messages for each key stakeholder group
  • Coordinate: Integrate change and program management to ensure timing and cadence allow for key messages to be delivered
  • Prioritize: Ensure those most directly impacted are communicated within timely manner
  • Reinforce: Leverage available channels to reinforce leadership communication and provide opportunity for dialogue
  • Equip: Prepare leaders to serve as communicators and address issues and questions consistently and effectively

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