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Project Management Office Enablement

Improve delivery capabilities by enabling operational effectiveness through strategic organizational alignment.

Why Kenway

As organizations test their limits with increasing project volume and associated complexities, a centralized and coordinated Project Management Office framework to keep track of processes, continuous changes, conflicts, risks and major decisions becomes all the more necessary. A structured and scalable Enterprise Program Management Office helps monitor and support individual projects, and accurately measure success by reducing the risk of failure.

At Kenway, our anchored Project Management Office Enablement service improves project delivery by establishing new and/or optimizing your current Project Management Office (PMO) capabilities. We enable operational effectiveness through our integrated Project Management Office Enablement approach that leverages methodology, culture, structure, value delivery and tools.

How We Deliver

With the ever-increasing volume of projects that companies undertake with varying complexities and competing priorities, our approach to Enterprise Program Management Office Enablement maintains a structured overview of multiple in-flight projects aligned with the overall strategy and objectives of the organization.

In order to get your Project Management Office up and running, Kenway ensures the right information is being reported, and puts in place a clear plan to build and scale your project and program management capabilities to provide control and manage risk.

We do this by implementing an integrated Project Management Office Enablement methodology that consists of the following key elements: Strategize, Prepare, Scale, Implement, Monitor, and Transition.

Our Expertise

Kenway has extensive experience in the setup and management of Project Management Office solutions.

Strategize: Classify, select and prioritize projects based on the company strategy.

Prepare: Establish decision-making and communication channels while optimizing resource allocation.

Scale: Standardize project management methods and processes

Implement: Coordinate business units, key stakeholders, training, IT support teams, infrastructure changes, and communications personnel to streamline implementation execution.

Monitor: Monitor project progress and control the dependencies that affect resources, budgets, and schedules.

Transition: Enable ownership by training and transitioning to business and IT owners and accountable stakeholders.

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