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How Salesforce Health Cloud Can Help Your Organizations

Health Cloud by Salesforce supports the various types of organizations and roles within the Healthcare and Life Science industry (think Providers, Payers, and medical suppliers) by providing a dynamic engagement layer to visualize and interact with data from multiple sources (including EHR’s).

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

  • Improved Patient Care: With a single consolidated 360-degree view of your patients, you can quickly stand-up customer portals (B2B and B2C) complete with features such as intelligent appointment scheduling, self-service tools, and live agent interactions. 
  • Increased Productivity: Health Cloud brings the same world class automation tools you’re accustomed to with Salesforce, along with prebuilt workflows focused on the Health Care Industry for rapid speed-to-value. 
  • Substantial Dollar Savings: Manual steps, such as prior authorizations and claims (submission, review and approval), can be automated quickly to allow individuals to focus on value-add responsibilities.

Why Kenway

Cloud Expertise

Partnering with Kenway means accessing unparalleled expertise in implementing and migrating to Health Cloud. As industry leaders, we know that Health Cloud’s value is in its seamless integration with other systems. That’s why we bring extensive experience in data architecture and integrations to ensure it fits seamlessly into your technology stack. With comprehensive knowledge across Salesforce platforms and cloud solutions, Kenway offers invaluable insight to your Health Cloud implementation.

Industry Experience

Who better to help you navigate the waters of Health Cloud than industry experts? Kenway’s Health Cloud delivery is underpinned by decades of Healthcare expertise across Providers, Payors, HealthTech, and Pharmaceuticals. Coupled with our rich technical know-how, we are well positioned to help you plan and execute your digital roadmap.

OmniStudio & Health Cloud

OmniStudio is the backbone of Health Cloud and the future for low code development. Kenway’s team of certified OmniStudio experts can help you leverage the tool to save tens of thousands of dollars in code-heavy technical debt. Put your mind at ease and choose a partner with unparalleled expertise in OmniStudio to ensure that your platform is scalable to support the future needs of your business.

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Past Work

Client: Health Plan Provider
With a health plan provider in the pacific northwest, we built a cutting-edge customer portal accessible via mobile and desktop for use by their more than 600,000 users. Complete with provider search functionality, PCP management, and customer support tools (self-service + live agent chat), we seamlessly married intuitive functionality with a sleek user interface.

Client: Health Plan Servicer
A health plan servicer needed to build a process to outreach to underserved populations. We helped them build and connect Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and all of their back end systems together to give their users a 360 view of the member and help them along their health journey.

How Kenway Can Help

Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud

By leveraging Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud, you can build automated workflows and create a seamless mechanism to send emails or texts to your customers about their plans and updates. With these tools, you can easily adjust your flow to enable large-scale automations based on your individual user journey for hundreds of thousands of customers. This can result in phone call or SMS messaging for white glove services, providing your customers with the personalized attention they deserve. By leveraging these technologies, you can streamline your processes, improve your customer service, and stay ahead of your competitors in your industry.

Health Cloud Integration

We are a long-time, trusted Salesforce partner and firmly believe in the platform’s capabilities. With our extensive knowledge of Salesforce, we have a thorough understanding of how the platform can work for your company. This knowledge is built upon decades of experience excelling across various areas such as IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Design, Custom Development, Data Governance and Management, and Business Intelligence. By combining our deep Salesforce expertise with our broad industry experience, we can help your enterprise realize its full potential. Trust us to put the combined power of two industry leaders to work for your business.

OmniStudio App

We have helped numerous clients create scalable Health Cloud solutions with minimal code throughout the healthcare lifecycle by leveraging Omnistudio. We understand that providing your customers with intuitive and simplistic flows is crucial to the success of your business. Our expertise lies in managing complex data models in high volumes from various sources, including External data, APIs, Salesforce objects, and more, and presenting it in sleek user interfaces. With our deep knowledge of OmniStudio, we can streamline this process and reduce data gaps, resulting in minimal future maintenance. Trust us to help you build a robust and efficient Health Cloud solution that meets the unique needs of your business.

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