Architecture & Design

Blueprint development for your evolving business needs, helping ensure your IT investments drive business benefits.

Why Kenway

Does your organization find itself in a position of archaic technology, with high maintenance costs and painful upgrade processes? Does your company have disparate manual processes that lead to time-consuming and inefficient use of resources? Are you faced with the challenge of keeping systems current while incorporating disruptive technologies?

Technology is the foundation for enabling operational excellence. As technology solutions are aggressively evolving and offering more capabilities, it is important to ensure investments support immediate needs while also providing the flexibility to scale to future demands. Kenway can help define a technology eco-system which supports your core business processes by creating IT application and infrastructure strategies, implementing new technologies, and modernizing legacy infrastructure to support and enable disruptive technologies.

Kenway has a proven track record of translating business needs and the associated functional, non-functional and technical requirements into a solution architecture and design to meet organizational objectives.

We provide practical experience of delivering robust, enterprise solutions, which make use of industry leading technologies to deliver solutions that offer both immediate value and form a strong platform for future scalability.

How We Deliver

Core Considerations

We understand the right information and resources needed to tailor an architecture that meets your business objectives.

Enterprise Collaboration

We bring together team members to enable communication and data availability, and create repositories of collective intelligence, regardless of location or scheduling complications.

Consolidate & Centralize Resources

With consolidation and centralization of technology resources, you gain improved resource use, document recovery, security, and service delivery — and reduced complexity.

Our Expertise

Kenway’s Architecture and Design services have been successfully leveraged across multiple industries and technologies. Kenway has helped companies define and deliver core application and infrastructure solutions to meet business objectives.

How Can We Help?