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Client Outreach and Engagement Using Salesforce

Kenway partnered with a healthcare technology company to architect and build a scalable and extensible platform with the core functionality in Salesforce that can integrate with other SaaS vendors and integrate data from partners.

Client Outreach and Engagement Using Salesforce

Kenway partnered with a healthcare technology company focused on cultural experiences and personalized content that exists for the advancement of health equality. They launched a suite of new products for culturally relevant healthcare engagement journeys to take into account individual uniqueness and differing needs. These new products focus on member health plans for Medicaid, Medicare and Exchanges and aims to increase member engagement, improve quality measures and improve health outcomes. In order to build these new products, a technology foundation was needed for data integration, data quality, data management, and journey orchestration that would meet the needs for hyper cohorting and personalized engagement.


Kenway Consulting was brought in to architect and build a scalable and extensible platform with the core functionality in Salesforce that can integrate with other SaaS vendors and integrate data from partners. An overarching goal was increased automation and personalization to enable stronger patient engagement and outreach efforts and intelligent routing for Care Coordinators/Health Guides.  Achieving success for this project was done by developing and implementing  Service Cloud, Health Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and extending the platform  with technologies such as  Snowflake, AWS Lambdas, Tableau, Content Management System (CMS), Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) and MuleSoft.

The goal of this platform is to enable the creation of multilingual patient engagement Outreach Campaigns enabling healthcare clients to connect doctors and patients using Salesforce.

Client Profile

  • Industry: Healthcare Technology
  • Client: Health Equity-Focused Engagement Company
  • Client Description: Health equity-focused engagement company committed to providing engagement and navigation solutions for health plans, providers, and states to help guide culturally diverse populations through the complexities of the health care system and drive improved performance, outcomes, and satisfaction.  

The Problem

  • Assistance was needed to help architect a new platform centered around Salesforce  
  • Build / implement a scalable and extensible platform to manage customer health care data, automate and orchestrate customer marketing journeys, automate key business processes, and automate care coordinator customer engagement functions.
  • Additional help was needed with
    • Ensuring data security for personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI).
    • Automating and cleansing health care data file exchanges
    • Creating a sustainable, extensible, and repeatable client onboarding process 
    • Creating and managing client multilingual patient engagement outreach campaigns

Platform Capabilities Needed for Success 

  • Omnichannel in multiple modalities in Phone Call, Email, SMS, and Direct Mail
  • The number of successfully onboarded clients through a scalable and repeatable process
  • The ability to send tens of thousands of daily targeted messages across multiple languages with culturally adapted content

The Solution

  • A scalable and extensible Salesforce platform with increased automation by developing and implementing Service Cloud, Health Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Shield, and app exchange integrations with:
    • Strong (256 AES) encryption and enhanced field-level auditing
    • Automated Data Cleansing Process
    • Unique Messaging through Segment Automation logic
    • Integration of Salesforce add-ons and third-party tools such as Vonage for Care Coordinator phone calls
    • Complex yet customized member journeys
    • Client Portal for Health Plans with Tableau reporting and analytics

What We Delivered

After discovering the needs of the team and learning what would be the ideal fit for the current organizational structure, Kenway identified optimal solution delivery for the client.  Kenway provided a mix of Solution Architecture and Salesforce Development services to assess current state capabilities, design future state Salesforce solutions, perform gap analysis, and build, test, and deploy Salesforce functionality in an iterative process.

The project included:

  • Program management for the new solution and management of all vendors and workstreams
  • Solution architecture of Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud Platform for multicultural patient engagement and outreach
  • Automated data cleansing and client onboarding processes
  • High-Volume engagement campaigns reaching diverse populations
  • Marketing Cloud custom code extension to integrate with Twilio for SMS
  • Automated synchronization of Salesforce data to Snowflake data warehouse
  • Salesforce integration with Momentive (Survey Monkey)
  • Custom integration with print mail vendors
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud with Tableau SSO for customer analytics 
  • Future State Vision Development and Roadmap

The Result 

Kenway’s customized solution for segmentation and automation logic bolstered the company’s ability to provide personalized communications to a multilingual patient base all while increasing automation efforts to support the company’s continued growth.  The company was able to send 50k daily targeted healthcare messages to a diverse population of 30 languages, connecting health plans to patients all while minimizing any manual efforts previously spent on these processes. The scalable, repeatable solution enabled them to successfully onboard over 675k members managed across 7 clients in a matter of months. The solution also gave them the ability to send over 250k SMS messages per day to continue to diversify ways communications can reach patients in a timely manner.  

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