November 30, 2015

Helping Relieve the Stress of Changing Jobs

What emotions do you feel when you think about changing jobs? For many, this is one of the most stressful experiences in their life. Perhaps it is the fear of change, the anxiety of a new or unclear career path, or the reluctance to give up a current career path that brings about these stresses. Despite the anxiety that comes with changing jobs, many of us continue to seek new opportunities in order to fulfill something that is currently missing.

What if I told you that Kenway Consulting does things differently? If you are a frequent reader of our quarterly newsletter, the Kenway Compass, and our blog, the Kenway Connection, you probably would not be too surprised. As Matt Kueker explained last month in Developing New Developments, Kenway’s Why is “To help and to be helped.” It’s why we exist, and Kenway’s recruiting approach is, not surprisingly, rooted in our Why. We want to help alleviate the stress of changing jobs and enable our candidates to make the best choice for them. During the interview process, we are extremely transparent about our culture, our why and what it is like to work at Kenway to help ensure that candidates have all of the information they need to make the decision that is right for them, even if that decision isn’t Kenway.

To that end, we are constantly looking for people to join our team. We are looking for individuals who believe in our Why, who want to help and be helped. To support this, Kenway has reshaped our recruiting efforts to ensure that we are reaching the right people at the right time. We use tools like LinkedIn, our career page on our website, and campus recruiting to attract the best and the brightest candidates that want a career at Kenway. What would a career at Kenway look like, you ask?

Our Culture
With Kenway, integrity comes first. Our culture is rooted in a strong set of Guiding Principles by which we live every day in our interactions with our consultants, clients, recruits, and those with whom we network. Furthermore, like most consulting companies, our consultants spend most of their time helping our clients at their local offices. What is different is that we find many opportunities to get together outside of our client work. We meet as an entire company, quarterly, and get together in small groups to discuss Kenway topics (internal initiatives, growth strategies, company vision, etc.) at least monthly. These opportunities not only give each consultant the opportunity to reinforce our culture and help us grow, but also to simply get to know the people with whom they could be working on client engagements in the near future.

Our Projects
Kenway consultants have a dynamic workday. Our consultants provide high impact value and grow their skills by working on multiple projects, often for more than one of our clients.

So what does this really mean in practice? Well, to start, every consultant works on both client and internal Kenway projects. This variety provides opportunities for our consultants to build both depth and breadth of skills. While obviously a person’s strengths are leveraged whenever possible, every Kenway consultant is passionate to be a part of our growth and is willing to expand their skillset to help where needed. This leads to our consultants wearing a diverse set of “hats,” sometimes leading and other times contributing, truly leveraging our services model to provide the right skills at the right time, in the right volume, for the right duration, to all of our projects.

For example, we do not have people 100% dedicated to typical functional areas such as recruiting, sales, marketing, finance, etc. Instead, our consultants are entrepreneurs at heart and help run the business by taking part in internal projects aligned to these functional areas. As a result of not hiring dedicated internal resources to support these functional areas, our consultants have the opportunity to challenge their skills and to participate in areas that may not be open to them in a larger, more conventional consulting company.

Last, but not least, we have a local consulting model. This dramatically limits the need to travel for work. Thanks to our broad industry exposure, our consultants are rewarded with interesting and diverse projects without having to live out of a suitcase. And with our improved work-life balance, travel can now be reserved for vacations instead of meetings.

Work-Life Balance
We do not believe that a good consultant is defined by the number of hours they work, a title based on a number of years of experience, or their airline and hotel statuses. Long gone are the 50+ hour work weeks. We encourage our employees to define a work-life balance that works best for them. This includes understanding the number of hours each employee wants to work annually, taking into consideration their personal desires from a vacation standpoint, and tailoring their projects to fit within each consultant’s capacity. Additionally, Kenway offers competitive compensation through a merit-based system that rewards you for your contributions, not your tenure. We also have a unique retirement benefit plan that provides a maximum value to our employees.

Career Growth
We encourage each consultant to push their boundaries and to pursue their interests. Employees have an opportunity to identify and communicate where they want to take their career, and Kenway will help them get there. There are opportunities for employees to become generalists or specialists, to become capability or service leads, learn new skills and experience new industries, and much more. This help is offered through safe learning environments such as hands-on internal projects or through 3rd party training of their choosing.

Perhaps the stress that comes with changing jobs is a good thing. It allows us to evaluate our goals and make an intentional decision. Speaking first hand, I have only one regret when it comes to my decision to join Kenway—I should have done it sooner. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Kenway, please visit our careers page or contact our recruiting team at

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