October 06, 2022
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Dreamforce 2022: Top Takeaways and Highlights

This past week, I had the pleasure of attending the Salesforce 2022 Dreamforce conference with my colleague, Clay Wolff, on behalf of Kenway. As Kenway’s Salesforce Practice leads, this was a big deal for us as it was both ours and Kenway’s first time attending the event live. While we didn’t know what to expect walking into the first in-person Dreamforce in the last two years, we were anything but disappointed – the atmosphere was buzzing when we arrived and the ecosystem of partners, products, customers and Salesforce representatives were out in full force throughout the week.


While the product launches and updates at Dreamforce are amazing (and I’ll get into them later in this blog) to me, the true power of this expansive conference is bringing Salesforce employees, customers, and partners together in person. Kenway was able to experience this in spades at the conference. In many cases, we were able to connect with customers we had never met in person, Salesforce reps we’d only spoken to on the phone, or prospects we’d only hoped to connect with live. Kudos to Salesforce for affording us that opportunity.


While at the conference, we had the opportunity to attend a health equity talk led by one of our clients. We witnessed how something that we helped this client create (leveraging the power of Salesforce Marketing and Health Clouds) goes so much further beyond the platform and actually impacts the lives of those that don’t even know it exists. This product and app resulted in the ability for our client to onboard multiple vendors to their Salesforce platform so they could better provide services for a typically underserved population in America. This conference platform provided our client and Kenway the opportunity to take a moment and gain a greater respect and understanding of the ‘why’ behind their company mission and vision, and realize how this effort has and will impact hundreds of thousands of lives across the country.

We also had the opportunity to meet with our internal Salesforce contacts and discuss the latest products and trends they are seeing across industries to better inform how we can help our clients and prospects. One meeting we had was with a Salesforce resource that had a deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry due to over 20 years in the space. During this conversation, we took the time to dive deep into current and past trends in the industry and how Salesforce is helping organizations evolve into the digital age and transform the domain. This particular encounter is one that we would normally not have the opportunity to conduct but, again, this is an example of Dreamforce 2022 bringing people together. Kenway was able to walk away from Dreamforce with (Salesforce) lightning in a bottle.

If you’re reading this blog and would like to get a more robust, detailed account of Kenway’s involvement at the conference, please reach out to me directly HERE to learn how we can help you unleash that (Salesforce) lightning in the bottle and solution for your toughest business needs.

In the meantime, you too can experience the Dreamforce 2022 keynote here:


For those of you only interested in what is coming down the pike on the Salesforce platform – we’re here to help you with that too! Below you’ll find a quick-hitting list of some of the exciting developments being rolled out on the platform in the coming months.

Dreamforce 2022 Product Announcements

Salesforce Genie

This is one of the biggest announcements of Dreamforce and also one of the most exciting to give organizations a way to combine systems and bring data together. A real-time tool to integrate your data across your entire company. Genie will ingest and store massive amounts of data in real-time and combine it with your Salesforce data. This will then give you a single clean record for each of your customers across the hundreds of apps used by your organization.

Net Zero Cloud

Many of our customers want a way to help offset their carbon footprint and Net Zero cloud is a perfect way to do that. Keeping with Salesforce’s commitment to the environment, expansion of the Net Zero Cloud is coming this year. The Net Zero Cloud helps customers meet their sustainability goals and manage that data. It was announced that they will be launching a Net Zero Cloud Marketplace to connect buyers to ecopreneurs. It will launch with 90 projects in 11 countries.


This is extremely exciting news for anyone that needs more control over their data. Hyperforce was launched in 2020 to deliver Salesforce “Cloud” products on major public clouds such as Google and AWS. Hyperforce is expanding on its security and data residency models with a new external encryption ecosystem. This will allow customers to take the keys from Salesforce using cryptography. It will allow customers to have full control over their data and enable them to comply with stricter data privacy rules across the globe.

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