December 22, 2017
King's Corner

Humility and Hugs this Holiday Season

The end of a year is a reflective time for me.  Each year since 2004, the year Kenway Consulting opened, a great deal of the reflection has been on the business.  What did each year bring?  What were the successes?  What were the learning points?

There are certain outcomes that inevitably are considered. Did we grow?  By how much?  How many new clients did we add?  Those are all interesting tidbits, but to me, they aren’t indicators of success.  To me, the greatest indicator of success is the mirror test.  Can I look in the mirror and be proud of our actions and our words.  In other words, did we deliver quality and integrity?  And when the answer is yes to both, I don’t worry one bit about the metrics.

But not far behind on the best indicator leader board, is the “stickiness” of our clients.  There are a lot of choices in the consulting space.  So, to earn the faith and trust in clients to not only take on a project, but to have earned it to take on many projects, over multiple years, varying in size and scope, creating a long-term mutually beneficial relationship…now, that is special.

To all our clients, large and small, spanning all industries, ranging from the longest tenured to the most recent additions, we thank you for your faith and trust in us.  I am humbled and honored to do business with you, and I extend all of you hugs and best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.  May 2018 bring great things to you, your company and to our relationship!

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