January 08, 2017
Information Insight

Making Sense with Qlik Sense

How long does it take you to get insights into your data? Days? Weeks? Are you caught in “Spreadsheet Hell” where every report is a cumbersome, macro-laden, Microsoft Access nightmare? Do you find yourself giving up and making decisions based on gut feelings because you simply cannot get analyses in a timely manner? Well, perhaps it’s time to step into the world of self-service analytics where you can quickly integrate data, analyze data, and share insights without having to work through elongated delivery cycles.

Whether you want to better utilize data to improve your own analyses or to better manage your organization, or if you are responsible for a team which provides analytics to your company, Qlik Sense may be the product that enables you and your company to make timelier, data-driven decisions. Kenway Consulting’s Introduction to Qlik Sense Workshop is a hands-on session that will show you how to:
Use Qlik Sense and navigate pre-existing reports, and get an understanding of how Qlik Sense works
Integrate data from multiple data sources and manipulate the data model to provide enhanced analytics
Build your own reports, visualizations, and dashboards rapidly without the assistance from IT resources
Incorporate findings into presentations that you can use to quickly share deeper insights

By walking you through a case study of a large bicycle retailer, we will guide you through the various stages of Business Intelligence maturity—shifting from raw data to descriptive visualizations to diagnostic analyses that allow users to answer the big questions as to why events occurred. Following the workshop, you will be able to come into work on Monday and immediately start using Qlik Sense for your data analysis needs.

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