March 29, 2019
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Opening the Door to Help

One of the main reasons I joined Kenway was for the opportunity to work at a company that plants its foundation in helping others. “To Help and be Helped” is Kenway’s core mission statement. We seek to help our clients, prospective clients, prospective recruits, etc. And we seek to obtain help from any party that can provide it.

At Kenway, we all dedicate countless hours to helping our clients; but I am often guilty of juggling too many balls in the air whether it’s because my ego won’t let me admit I can’t handle it, or because I am hesitant to give up control. I am very lucky to have colleagues at Kenway willing to take things off my plate. Seeking out help is one of the best things anyone can do, and I appreciate the culture we’ve fostered that makes it not only accepted, but expected.

To that end, I am inspired by our clients who seek out assistance. Many of them are working full time on their day-to-day operations, which leaves little to no time or horsepower to step back and see if processes are fully-optimized. They’ve sought help from Kenway to come in with an objective viewpoint, evaluate areas for improvement, and empower stakeholders to make sure they follow through with the implemented changes. They’ve accepted help, and it’s moved me to do the same.

When I think about Kenway’s approach to helping and the characteristics of a successful initiative, having a holistic approach is front and center. By establishing a sense of urgency and building a guiding coalition with key stakeholders, we’re able to hit the ground running or swiftly jump aboard a moving train. In partnering with the aforementioned bandwidth-constrained clients, we help produce momentum, enabling progress despite our clients’ capacity limitations.

From the creation of a project charter that sets high-level objectives and milestones, to laying out a timeline and project plan, and identifying key constraints, dependencies and success factors, our process helps establish the legitimacy of the initiative and provides actionable steps forward. In today’s technology-heavy world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to utilize technology to solve every problem. I am proud to be a part of an organization which provides help only where help is needed, and if that means process changes in the face of more expensive and unnecessary technical solutions, we forego technology in favor of process.

I enjoy helping others. If you’d like to join me in doing so, and are willing to accept help as well, please reach out to to learn more.

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