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Enterprise Applications & Solutions

Mission-critical projects require experience and proven methodologies to support successful transformations

Why Kenway

Organizations face a number of technology constraints in today’s market. One of the biggest constraints is inflexible enterprise solutions, which have been built and modified over many years. The lack of flexibility in these systems, the effort required to maintain them, and the difficulty in finding qualified IT staff to support aging technology restricts the ability to be agile and adapt to change.

Kenway’s Enterprise Applications & Solutions service brings together years of best practices, lessons learned, and value realization to our clients. We provide experience that is specific to your business, digging deep to understand what differentiates you and how you might improve your business. We understand implementations are unique, with their own complexities and challenges due to the technological and organizational change involved.

How We Deliver

Continuous planning, execution excellence, strong governance, and robust change management are among the requirements for successful Enterprise Solution implementations, upgrades and technology optimization efforts. These initiatives can be time consuming and risky, requiring significant investment, key organizational resources, and senior management commitment.

To help organizations meet their needs for cost containment, improved customer management, streamlined business processes, increased service quality, and regulatory changes, Kenway brings the right level of experience across industry and marketplace leading solutions.

Our Expertise

Kenway’s Enterprise Application & Solutions service has been applied effectively and successfully across multiple technologies and within many industries. Kenway has helped organizations bring new technologies online with minimal disruption and accelerated benefit realization.

Our Partners

As a long-time, trusted Salesforce partner, we believe in its capabilities and have a thorough understanding of how the platform can work for your company. Explore how we can unlock the power of your data, help you understand your customers and fuel your organization’s growth. 

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