August 20, 2020

Kenway Consulting Launches New Revenue & Resource Insights and Optimization Service

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Kenway's dynamic reporting and analytics leverages existing NetSuite OpenAir data to provide real-time business insights.

CHICAGO, Thursday, August 20, 2020Kenway Consulting announced today the launch of its Revenue & Resource Insights and Optimization service, a new client offering that helps organizations gain real-time business insights by leveraging their existing NetSuite OpenAir data.

This enhanced reporting and analytics provides clients with an at-a-glance understanding of the health of their business pipeline and the optimization of their workforce. It also delivers a historical view to provide an understanding of trends, with the ability to perform “What-If” analysis for a more nuanced view of the organization’s future state.

“Kenway’s new revenue and resource management capability offers clients instant access to key aspects of their business, without the burden of data extraction and manual manipulation. This dynamic approach allows them to quickly get the pulse of their organization upon simply opening the report, and then seamlessly drilling down to answer more specific questions,” said Matt Kueker, CEO, Kenway Consulting.

“We have been able to gain powerful insights into our own business that were not readily available before,” he continued. “As an example, we leveraged the reports to improve the profitability of seven clients by an average of 9.4% by shifting the staffing mix of resources to be more optimal. By leveraging real-time information, we’ve been able to better position ourselves for future success.”

Developed by Kenway’s team of Data Analytics experts, this enhanced reporting delivers dashboards, visualizations, reports and advanced analytics, all with speed to insight. Users can immediately examine revenue forecast, supply and demand, location optimization, and market relevant impacts, adapted and adjusted based on real-time information.

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Press Release – Revenue & Resource Insights and Optimization Announcement (PDF)

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