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Meet Brian King

Founder & Board Member


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In 2004, nine years after beginning his career with Accenture, Brian King founded Kenway Consulting with the goal of starting the company for which he always wanted to work. He has since built a successful business that operates under the general philosophy of always doing, under all circumstances, what is right. It’s a philosophy that seems simple enough, but when current and potential clients ask for something that is not in their own best interests, saying “no” is what’s right, and adhering to this philosophy has been a major differentiator for Kenway ever since its inception.

During Kenway’s early years, Brian successfully managed and led critical enterprise initiatives from the implementations of Enterprise HR solutions, Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Portal Technologies and Case Management Systems to the deployment of enterprise wide Data Governance, Business Intelligence and Master Data Management initiatives. These implementations spanned technologies and industries from the package to the custom, Telecommunications to Financial Services.

Once Kenway grew to a size warranting full-time executive leadership, Brian turned his efforts to running the business, and was CEO through January 2020. He now serves as Kenway’s Scottsdale Office Lead and is a member of the company’s Board. Brian continues to exercise his expertise in the field of Data Management and has worked with companies large and small to implement data strategies, governance structures and tools that position them to leverage their information as an asset, adding revenues to bottom lines and reducing long-term operating costs. His ongoing work in this field, combined with the expertise of the company’s many other consultants, ensures that Kenway will continue to be a leader in Information Insight for years to come.

As Kenway has evolved, the basic principles that were integral to the company’s early success remain the same: focus on the overall betterment of employees and clients alike through mutual respect, candor and diplomacy.

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