October 06, 2015
Technology Solution Delivery

Developing New Developments

I’m excited to kick off this edition of the Kenway Compass by announcing that Kenway Consulting has added an application development service to offer our clients and prospects. Kenway’s Why is “To help and to be helped.” It’s why we exist, and my excitement for our application development service is, not surprisingly, rooted in our Why.

By introducing application development, we are enabling a group of Kenway employees to pursue some additional passions beyond simply helping clients solve business problems: architecting and building best of breed technology solutions. At Kenway, we hire smart people who have a passion for helping clients, are in alignment with our culture and guiding principles and are excellent at delivering a plurality of our capabilities, whether it be Project Lifecycle, Enterprise Transformation or Information Insight. The group of people who have driven our application development service offering and who will be leading our application development projects fit all of the above criteria. They are excellent at delivering in a variety of our traditional service areas, but one of their additional passions is in solution architecture. The fundamental objective of our application development service will be to help clients take nebulous objectives or a broken process or system, and create elegant applications that not only meet business objectives, but also perform well and are secure and scalable for future needs. It excites me to no end that these talented solution architects will now be able to unleash this talent at Kenway.

With this new service, we will be able to help clients in new and different ways. All of Kenway’s services add value by bridging gaps between business and technology teams. For example, via our Business Requirements Analysis service, we clearly document the foundation upon which applications are built. Similarly, our Program and Project Management services help clients to manage the many complexities associated with delivering applications on time and on budget. However, until this point, we had to rely on others to design and build the systems. Going forward, it’s exciting to be able to also deliver complete technology solutions, if it is the preferred approach to solving clients’ problems.

What makes our application development service unique? It may sound cliché, but our primary differentiator in this area is our people. Making a career out of Program and Project Management, I can tell you that the solution architecture acumen that Kenway has to offer is the type that everyone wants, but is rarely available. Solution Architecture, while being a very technical service, also must apply to your business and speak that language just as easily as the technical side. While skilled in a breadth of platforms, our application development service is going to focus on solving business problems rooted in data and service integration work, simplifying complex environments and allowing disparate applications to talk to one another. As always, our value will outweigh the cost, and clients can expect to be treated as a valued partner.

If you have a technology challenge that’s been perplexing you, are considering a new software application or would like to better understand how an old legacy system could be improved, we’d love to hear from you! To learn more, contact us at or learn more here

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