February 23, 2024
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Unveiling Customer Experience Dynamics: Leveraging CSAT and NPS Scores to Find Areas for Improvement

Companies commonly use Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) as a loyalty barometer. It comes as no surprise that when talking about Contact Center, CSAT and NPS scores become the center of conversations with our clients. CSAT and NPS play a pivotal role in unveiling the nuances of customer experience to a Contact Center organization.

At Kenway, we treat each client uniquely and bring a tailored approach to evaluating these metrics. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small regional business, CSAT and NPS scores might have different meanings for you. But with the right approach, you can leverage CSAT and NPS scores to pinpoint the highs and lows of your customer’s journey.

Our Contact Center experience has taught us that while valuable, CSAT scores offer a selective view. For instance, attributing a negative CSAT to a seamless IVA experience doesn’t account for a, potentially, subsequent unfavorable interaction with an agent or vice versa. It would be incorrect to say the IVA experience was bad when the IVA did everything correctly. This is one simple example, but it illustrates the point that these are diagnostic tools, illuminating segments of excellence and areas that demand refinement.

Let’s go beyond a simple analysis of CSAT and NPS scores and look deeper at the story behind each metric. How do you define and calculate them? Why do you use these metrics and not something else? Starting with these answers helps us understand your mindset and strategies.

Understanding CSAT Calculation

IVA (Voice or Chat) CSAT

If you’re measuring your customer’s satisfaction based on their experience with your bot (voice or chat) you need to consider the experience. Did the customer need to provide a reason for contacting you or did you already know and anticipate that need? Did the customer need to provide some method of authentication (phone or account number, password, etc.)? Did the customer have to repeat any of these questions or go into a circular flow? Did you need to refine or disambiguate the customer’s intent? Was that disambiguation to support the customer’s need or was it to support your company’s routing? Yeses and Nos to the questions above aren’t necessarily bad on their own. The point is that customers will, in general, play along when they feel like they are making progress toward their goal. A smart flow that gives customers confidence will typically result in higher CSAT numbers.

Agent CSAT

When focused solely on human-agent interaction, this score becomes a beacon highlighting the role of agents in shaping the customer experience. Delving into the agent’s experience unveils potential areas for improvement. Organizations should consider external factors when using CSAT and NPS scores. Is their product a commodity where switching to a competitor is easy for a customer? Is the issue the customer is facing beyond the scope of the agent? An agent can only do so much to help a customer if the company has turned off their service and charged them 4x their standard bill.

The Nexus Between CSAT and NPS scores

CSAT and NPS scores are not solitary indicators but are deeply intertwined with CSAT, jointly acting as compasses in the customer experience landscape. The focus extends beyond the Contact Center, with brand loyalty, technological preferences, and customer-centric practices influencing CSAT and NPS scores. Organizations that prioritize customer experience see higher CSAT and NPS.

In the broader context of Voice of the Customer (VoC) metrics, NPS and CSAT become powerful tools for identifying good and bad segments of the customer journey. When used correctly, these metrics not only contribute to higher customer retention or increased sales but serve as catalysts for continuous improvement.

The Kenway Approach to Evaluating CSAT and NPS Scores

Our approach is not a one size fits all when it comes to evaluating NPS and CSAT scores. We don’t force a framework for understanding and utilizing VoC scores to drive your business. We blend industry expertise, and your unique business needs to understand the significance of NPS and CSAT in discerning the intricacies of customer experience.

Connect with us to learn more about how our tailored approach can help your business navigate the complexities of customer experience management and drive measurable results.

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