IT Governance

Formal and structured governance framework that ensures IT investments are aligned with overarching business strategies.

Why Kenway

As organizations undertake complex transformational initiatives, the need for a robust governance framework that aligns IT investments with business strategy should not be underestimated. Organizations today are subject to numerous regulations related to protection of data, security and financial accountability. To ensure internal and external requirements are met, many organizations have begun to implement a formal and structured IT Governance program that provides the framework to minimize program risk and maximize value through thorough practices and controls.

At Kenway, we believe IT Governance is an integral part of overall Enterprise Governance. We deliver a unique and customized IT Governance framework in accordance with client requirements by establishing a robust governance model backed by the strategic management of IT resources and risk to realize benefits of IT investments.

How We Deliver

With IT now playing a pivotal role both as a fundamental business tool and a significant factor in future planning of business strategies and organizational transformation initiatives, effective mechanisms to align corporate governance with the management and use of IT have surfaced as high-priority items for long-term organizational decision making.

To enable organizations to effectively drive complex corporate business initiatives through IT investments, Kenway leverages a unique approach to implement a robust IT Governance model.

Our Expertise

Kenway has successfully implemented IT Governance frameworks for complex organizations across industries to maximize value from their IT investments, aligned with overall strategic business objectives and initiatives.

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