February 16, 2022

Kenway Consulting Named One of North America’s Best Consulting Firms

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Annual Vault rankings recognize Kenway on the “Vault Consulting 50,” “Best Boutique Consulting Firms,” and 11 different “Best Firms to Work For by Employment Factor” lists

CHICAGO, Wednesday, February 16, 2022 Kenway Consulting announced today that, for the fourth straight year, it has been named one of the top consulting firms to work for in North America in the prestigious Vault Consulting Rankings. The management and technology consulting firm ranked #40 out of 50 on the 2022 “Vault Consulting 50” list and #13 out of 35 on Vault’s 2022 list of “Best Boutique Consulting Firms.”

Kenway was also recognized on 11 of Vault’s “Best Firms to Work For by Employment Factor” lists in the following categories: Internal Mobility: #7 out of 25; Work/Life Balance: #8 out of 25; Level of Challenge: #10 out of 25; Diversity: #11 out of 25; Relationships with Supervisors: #14 out of 25; Hours in the Office: #15 out of 25; Interaction with Clients: #17 out of 25; Satisfaction: #17 out of 25; Promotion Policies: #17 out of 25; Compensation: #18 out of 25; and Firm Culture: #21 out of 25.

“We’re honored to, once again, be recognized by Vault for our dedication to employees and commitment to always doing right by our consultants and clients,” said Matt Kueker, CEO, Kenway Consulting. “Kenway’s culture and shared purpose is stronger than ever, as proven by the resilience we’ve shown over the last two years. I’m proud to work with such a talented and collaborative group of colleagues, and thank them for everything we’ve been able to accomplish, together, during this time.”

Vault’s 2022 rankings are based on anonymous survey results of more than 17,000 current employees at more than 130 of the most prominent consulting firms in the world. The methodology considers each firm’s industry reputation as well as its employees’ satisfaction with key factors influencing their professional lives such as company culture, work/life balance, compensation, overall business outlook, promotion policies, and the ability to challenge.

“At my previous employers, I felt like systems were built to create competition between my colleagues and to play games with our clients related to revenue and pricing. At Kenway, our mission is to help and to be helped, and it permeates everything we do,” noted one survey respondent. “For clients, we offer help if we are the best positioned to do it. If we are not, we refer another firm. For my colleagues, we collaborate and work in an environment where everybody wins when our clients and Kenway do well. It’s a very liberating feeling.”

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About Kenway Consulting
Kenway Consulting is a management and technology consulting firm whose entire reason for existence is to help companies and its employees. Founded in 2004 on the principles of being good and being truthful, Kenway’s set of Guiding Principles steers each employee’s decision-making process and centers on integrity, quality, value and respect. The company focuses on the means and not the outcomes, always in line with these Guiding Principles, and always with integrity as its cornerstone. Kenway strives to provide all clients with unmatched quality and service, and specializes in the areas of Technology Solution Delivery, Enterprise Program Leadership, and Information Insight.

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Press Release – Kenway’s 2022 Vault Consulting Rankings Announcement

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